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Marketing in the Regional Museums of Slovenia

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Marketing in the Regional Museums of Slovenia

Encouragement From the Field – the Savinjska Region

(Statistical Region, Slovenia)

Tanja Roženbergar Šega, Curator, Museum of Recent History Celje, Slovenia
In the last decade, an increase in the number of private and local collections and exhibitions has been noted, which is certainly a reflection of broader socio-political changes. Along the processes of globalisation, which in different ways strengthen the sense of geographical connection with the world, also historical local memory, which strengthens the sense of belonging to micro-environment, is being wakened as globalisation’s opposite. A large part of movable cultural heritage is preserved and presented within non-institutional gatherings. What is the co-operation between museum lovers and the field of profession? Can we speak of a joint museum offer? Are the museum lovers qualified for carrying out this sort of service? What do the visitors expect when visiting local museums and museum collections? The response to this far-reaching and pressing problem is often too slow and ineffective.

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