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Technisches Museum Wien - Ready for the Future?

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Technisches Museum Wien - Ready for the Future?

Christine Lixl &

Manfred Tragner, Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna, Austria
In the last years the Technisches Museum Wien has been going through fundamental changes just as museums and science centres in other countries have. On the one hand the museum was renovated and received a new legal status as a "scientific institution under public law" granting more autonomy and responsibility. On the other hand the exhibitions of the museum were redesigned in order to show new technical, scientific and economic developments and to attract more visitors. The financial situation of the Technisches Museum Wien is tight, largely due to the freeze on public funds and the changing conditions of potential sponsors in the industrial sectors.

This paper investigates:

- The new legal status, subsequent reorganisation and strategic orientation of the Technisches Museum Wien.
- Measures taken to increase number of visitors and revenue per visitor, and to improve customer satisfaction.
- Possibilities to finance scientific work and strategies to achieve a more efficient operation of the collections department in future.
- Measures taken to reduce costs and diversify sources of income.
We will outline the steps taken by the Technisches Museum Wien in order to fulfil the aims defined in the museum’s mission statement as well as the public mission defined by the museums law.
We are convinced that the Technisches Museum Wien will cope with the situation in future - at least - as good as at present, if the steps listed above will be realised/continued in the next years.

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