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Spider Ajkec Fine Arts Workshops

Tamara Trček Pečak, Assistant Professor, National Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Museums are having hard times to compete with all other ways of amusement. So the number of visitors is decreasing. New approaches are needed that have to be sophisticated enough to adequately meet quality standards of these institutions, but also attractive for the masses at the same time.

One of the activities in the National gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, which was going on during the last four years are Spider Ajkec Fine Arts Workshops.


Our project was aimed at one of our long-term preventive conservation strategies with emphasis on children. We believe that concentrating on children is the right approach to make the coming generations more responsible for our cultural heritage. Starting with theoretical lessons would not make children interested at all. So we chose a practical approach. Children became familiar with technology of paintings on canvas, frescoes, and paintings on wood, reasons of damages and ways of preventing them. At the end of workshops exhibitions were organised. All works produced were presented at the exhibition that was preceded by a big opening ceremony. This ceremony was a kind of a children festival, with a juniors orchestra and with a presentation of a movie of our workshops.


This kind of joining education and amusement seems to be the right approach, as we have more and more participating children every year. This presents a solid basis for a positive attitude of coming generations towards museums and our cultural heritage.

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