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"The Importance of Being Flexible"

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"The Importance of Being Flexible"

How is Globalisation Affecting the Travel Industry and How Can Museums Meet these New Challenges?

Josephine Østern &

Paal Mork, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway
The structure of the travel industry is affected by a changing environment. After a rapid growth in package tourism in the last decades, people have become more experienced and demanding travellers. International co-operation in the travel industry, easy access through on-line services and a growth in low-cost flights and other services have done independently based travelling easier and more convenient. At the same time the travel industry is struck by a decline in world economy and threats of terror and epidemics.

Museums that are building their revenues on international target groups will have to face series of new challenges in this new environment. Head of marketing Josephine Østern and head of communications Paal Mork at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo will discuss how museums can meet a greater demand for flexibility towards the visitors and how the museums can cope with a shift from the tour operator as the customer towards the Fully Independent Traveller.

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