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Museums as the Source of Spiritual Values

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Museums as the Source of Spiritual Values

Liudmila Muchamedova, Museum of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral’, (Branch of the City Museum of Moscow), Moscow, Russia

In the course of the historical process of the last decade of the XX century, which has cardinally changed the social and political reality in Russia, the interest of the society towards national history, traditions and culture has noticeably increased.

At the time, when we return to our historical memory and restore the links between different periods of time, which were interrupted by the October Revolution of 1917 and the building of socialism, there are being restored the destroyed monuments and revived the lost eternal traditions.

Among numerous problems which the Russian Federation is facing now the problem of spiritual rebirth is the most important. People who work for Russian culture see their task in assistance of creating a free, independently developing person.

Restoration of the Museum of the Christ the Savour Cathedral is the symbol of the reviving Russia.

The Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow is the memorial to the military glory of Russia had been built in the XIX century near Kremlin during more than 40 years on the State money and people donations in honour of the liberation of Russia from Napoleon invasion in 1812. The names of heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812 are engraved on the marble slabs in the gallery of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral was detonated by the decision of the Government of I. V. Stalin in 1931.

On the initiative of people and the Government of Moscow the Cathedral was restored in 1995-2000 as the Patriarch Cathedral Church and orthodox cultural centre.

The Museum of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral is the branch of the Museum of the History of Moscow and the city museum in the acting Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

The Museum in the Cathedral was created on the initiative of Public supervising Council on the Cathedral restoration with the purpose of securing and permanent exposition of the historical relics. The historical exposition is dedicated to the dramatic fate of the Cathedral which reflects like a mirror the history of Russia of the XIX-XX centuries.

The inauguration of the Museum in 1998 became the event of great importance in the cultural life of Moscow. The Museum became the link between the past and the present.

Reviving the history, it warns against the recurrence of fatal errors, helps to obtain the faith in one’s power, to perceive the traditions of our ancestors.

The spiritual and educational activity of the Cathedral Museum is pursuing the aim to show the succession, interrelationship and unity of spiritual, cultural and patriotic traditions, the unifying role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the history of the Fatherland and in the modern society. It serves the aim to attract people to the Orthodox culture, its eternal values and samples of high art. Actually the task of the Museum is far wider than a mere display of the Cathedral history.

The Museum has realised 12 big exhibition projects, which drew great public attention. Now the Christ the Saviour Cathedral Museum is one of the most frequently visited museums of Moscow.


The existing world tendency of the last decades towards increasing the number of museums meets the needs of the developing civilisation.

A great diversity of museums specialisation is pleasing if it pursues the aim of developing the human values with the purpose to create the harmonious world.

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