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DIANA Centre and Promotion of Preventive Conservation, Development of Partnership and Marketing

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DIANA Centre and Promotion of Preventive Conservation, Development of Partnership and Marketing

Ana Kocjan, DIANA Centre for Preventive Conservation, Belgrade, Serbia
The presentation objectives of DIANA Centre are being realised: they encourage museums to open to the broader public, make the public aware of the need to protect and conserve cultural heritage; enable direct communication between curators-conservators and the public. The international public is kept informed about our work in conservation and implementation of preventive conservation principles.

Domestic and foreign professional and broadest public is communicated about the importance of safeguarding our cultural heritage; conditions of cultural property and working conditions of museum professionals active in conservation; measures taken for improving the situation; defining the new role of museum and professional staff in safeguarding; trends in modern museology development. To this end serve conservation exhibitions, specialised lectures and contributions in media, professional and other publications, open workshops, multimedia and Internet presentations.

Development of partnership relations aims at professional networking through joint projects with international, regional and local museum and protection institutions, co-operation with NGOs and professional organisations, interdisciplinary faculties and institutions in the country and abroad, with eminent scientists and experts.

The marketing approach to financing our activities and development of DIANA centre through donations and sponsorships simultaneously broadens the circle of our friends. This helps increase the outside museum awareness of the importance of cultural heritage, by including people in solving problems of safeguarding cultural property; this builds a commune awareness of having the same goal and task. Marketing is done through developing networks of sponsors and donors, various participation programmes, rendering services to the third parties, sale of copies, replicas, etc.

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