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Public Relations and Marketing in the Museums of Slovenia

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Public Relations and Marketing in the Museums of Slovenia

Nina Zdravič Polič, Assistant Director & Head of Communications, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
The paper deals with the questions of public relations and marketing practice in the Slovene museums, which has in fact only been introduced in recent years in some larger museum institutions.

This is a major change since these functions have so far been carried out by museum curators, responsible for educational and public programmes or by museum directors.

In their attempts to meet present day demands, the majority of museums in this country, are still facing difficulties in adapting to the new circumstances and the need for change.

The profession of public relations and marketing expert is still insufficiently recognised. Also, the existing PR and marketing departments or Communication services do not have a uniform or organisational

set-up and differ from one museum to another.

The museums who already have their PR and marketing sections, mostly cover the following fields of museum communication: public relations, which deal mostly with media, marketing oriented to museum visitors / users and fund-raising.

Concrete examples / case studies will be presented to illustrate to what extent the communication services function in practice. Furthermore, the common public relations actions performed by the Slovene museums, on the one hand, and fund-raising activities by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum on the other, will also be highlighted.

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