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Using World Wide Web Resources for Museum Training and Career

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Using World Wide Web Resources for Museum Training and Career


Nancy J. Fuller, Research Programme Manager, Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA
The rapid proliferation of web sites in recent years is both a welcome and a challenging phenomena. Welcome because it allows us to access vast amounts of information, enter new domains of expertise, facilitate the interchange of ideas through a network of organisations and search new audiences with a few clicks of a mouse.

Challenging because the volume of information available on a given topic is often overwhelming and many viewers - at this stage of familiarity with the medium - lack a criteria to evaluate the value and relevance of content to their particular needs; Challenging because the implications of the structure of hypermedia - interactive nature and non-linear organisation - are little understood by both user and author in how they combine to convey meaning, foster creativity and inform knowledge management; and Challenging for its ramifications to the well-being and vitality of non-English speaking cultures and to the preservation and deepening of cultural diversity.

This presentation will argue that it is the obligation of museum studies instructors to integrate ‘media literacy’ into their curricula and ways of teaching, and to address the issues that go with the use of the world wide web in the development of student minds. Participants will also be provided with hand-outs citing URL’s to useful museum web sites.

Because, and an understanding of how the visual presentation strategies - text, image, effects, and sound.

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