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MUZEOFORUM: International Museum Training in Slovenia

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MUZEOFORUM: International Museum Training in Slovenia

Elizabeta Petruša Štrukelj, Museum Consultant, Architectural Museum Ljubljana, Slovenia
MUZEOFORUM is a specific professional event or rather an educational seminar of the Slovene museum experts. It was founded in 1991 and was developed as a form of public discussion on museology and its role in everyday museum practice. Muzoforum was established with an aim to activate the flow of professional knowledge between the museum experts of Slovenia and well-known and established European museum professionals.

At the beginning Muzeoforum functioned under the patronage of the Museum Association of Slovenia and the City Museum of Ljubljana (led by Borut Rovšnik). But during the last few years the Museum Society of Slovenia is organising the seminar with Elizabeta Petruša Štrukelj as a leader. The financial support for its functioning is provided by the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia.

The Concept of the MUZEOFORUM:

The Muzeoforum is taking place from four to five times a year with invited speakers – museum experts from the whole world. Each seminar is conceived on the main theme presented by the guest lecturer from abroad, and followed by a workshop for practical work and a debate that give the museologists from Slovenia an opportunity to express their own experience, views and initiatives in the thematic field and to present the achievements of their museums within the Slovene environment.

Until today, most of the Muzeoforum topics were dedicated to general questions of museology and museum practice, such as: the development of museums, the methodology of museology, the relation between museology and basic science, new types of museums – the ecological and cyber museums, the museum legislation, the museum management and functioning, conservation and restoration in museums’ profession, the museum pedagogical, andragogical, and professional training.

Special attention was paid to the themes: how to open museums to the public and place them into a social context – into social reflection with regard to their role in fulfilling the free-time of different social, age and interest groups of population.

There are more than ten internationally well-known museum experts from twelve countries who have performed with lectures and workshops at the Muzeoforum since 1991. For example: Kenneth Hudson, UK, Peter van Mensch, Netherlands, Jan Sas, Netherlands, Gottfried Fledl, Germany, Peulette Mc Manus, Jean Claude Duclos nad Andre Desvalees, France, Wim van der Weiden, Netherlands, Tomislav Šola and Ivo Maroević, Croatia, Jutta Thinesse Demel, Dieter Bogner, and many other

museum professionals from other countries such as Sweden, Australia, USA, Portugal, Hungary…

Today, the Muzeoforum is an important museum professional training event and a seminar with the longest tradition in Slovenia. From 1992 – 97 all the papers presented at the Muzeoforum have been published in a special edition entitled Muzeoforum too, but since 1997 they are published in the journal of the Slovene museums ARGO.

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