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MATRA – Management Development in the Slovene Museum Community

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MATRA – Management Development in the Slovene Museum Community

Janja Rebolj, Museum Consultant, City Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia

MATRA, a Dutch social transformation programme, become operational in 1994 with the objective of supporting democracy in 14 Central and Eastern European countries.

The programme is managed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The name MATRA is an acronym of "maatschappelijke transformatie", which means "social transformation” in Dutch.

Included in the MATRA programme was Management Development in the Slovene Museum Community, a co-operative project between the Netherlands Museum Association, the Slovene Museum Society and the Slovene Museum Association. The project provided the opportunity for the Slovene museum community to improve its skills and knowledge of management.

The project was developed based on the experience the NMV had with similar projects in the Czech Republic and Hungary, but it was well adjusted to Slovenian circumstances – even with the pilot workshop.

That was a good base for eight very successful workshops: six basic and two in-depth. One trainer was trained, and after the end of the project the workshops continued in the Slovene language.

In January 2003, a conference entitled “Lessons from MATRAwas held in Doorn, the Netherlands. Participants from five countries involved in programmes concerning museum management met and shared their experiences. It emerged that Slovenia was the only country that managed to implement the workshop in its own language after the end of the project.

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