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School of Museum Propedeutics

Professor Jan Dolák, Ph.D., UNESCO Chair of Museology and World Heritage, Masaryk University Brno,

Faculty of Arts, Brno, Czech Republic


The paper will basically inform on education and training programmes for museum workers in Czech Republic in last thirteen years. This period of time is characteristic with its enlargement of museology education on universities, especially in Brno and Opava, but also in Praha (Prague), Pardubice and Plzeň. As the biggest success, I see proceeding full time bachelor and masters studies and distance studies too.

In my paper, I would like to pay a special attention to so called „School of Museum Propedeutics“ organised by Association of Museums and Galeries (AMG) in Czech Republic.


Description of the program: it is one year (two semesters) course, designated to High School and University absolvents with no experience in museum education.

The role of the program in Czech Republic system of education and museum practice.

Program for the whole field of culture: Besides museum workers, employees of other types of memory institutions (archives, libraries, preservation of monuments) are studying here too, in addition to clerks of local authorities who administrate cultural institutions.


The School of Museum Propedeutics is important for other development in museum studies, training and education in Czech Republic. It is also interesting project putting together people with various professional and educational backgrounds.

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