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Museum Professional Training Development in Croatia

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Museum Professional Training Development in Croatia:

Between Indirect Support of the European Union and Possible Misunderstanding of the Croatian Museum Community

Žarka Vujić, Chair of Museology, Zagreb University, Croatia
In the spring of 2002 European Council decided to finance joint TEMPUS project of the several Croatian and foreign universities and high schools. The main project objective was stated clearly – it should improve undergraduate courses curricula in the field of information science, economics and quantitative methods. But was it possible to connect such subject with the museum studies programme? In Zagreb – yes, because since 1983 museology is accepted in Croatia as a scientific discipline within the framework of the information sciences.

Although only two museological courses are on the list of eighteen planned restructured courses – Museum Collections and Museum Institution – spirit of changing and developing influenced the Chair of Museology. Whole curriculum is under updating, some new courses are developing, staffs was trying to adopt new teaching methods etc. At the same time Croatian universities are going through the transformation process according to the Bologna’s Declaration. Obviously, there are a few opportunities and challenges to improve Museology Programmes on Zagreb University and all of them will be presented and their possible final results analysed.

But what is opinion of the third party, which means Croatian museum community and their needs? They have to be a part of the development process and this contribution will also focus on the traditional fragile relationship between the Chair of Museology and national museum community, which should be improved too.

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