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The Future of Technical Museum of Slovenia

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The Future of Technical Museum of Slovenia

Dr Orest Jarh &

Irena Marušič, Technical Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Technical Museum of Slovenia is located at Bistra, some 22 km from the nation’s Capital Ljubljana. It is housed in what was originally a monastery but later became a grand mansion. It is one of the ten national museums in Slovenia. A relatively small team operates the largest exhibition area of all the Slovenian museums. It is publicly well known and for years among the most frequented in the country. We are well aware that this is due to a combination of attractive collections, beautiful site and handy location. On the other hand in the future it will be certainly hard to maintain the public attendance on the same level without far-reaching improvements. For that reason we are already preparing various plans for the years to come which are aimed at three main objectives:

- The renovation of the Bistra grand mansion and the exhibitions. The restoration of the building is thwarted at the moment for legal reasons but we can safely hope that the obstacle will be removed in near future. The procedure will result also in improved conditions and new space. After that the modernisation of the existing exhibitions and the adding of new subjects will take place.

- Finding new locations for special collections and building a country-wide network. One of the museums where a close co-operation has already been initiated is the Railway Museum in Ljubljana. The plans are far-reaching and we hope it is just the first step in creating strong link between Slovenian museums which keep technical heritage..

- Putting more emphasis to the scientific work. The Technical museum of Slovenia has been largely visitor oriented in the past, but due to the lack of trained staff much of the scientific work was left behind. A lot of work has to be done in the next period on such things as computer based documentation, conservation and restoration of museum objects, covering additional subjects, initiating new public programmes and improving marketing and public relation practice.

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