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Science for the Kindergartens - An Experimental Project

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Science for the Kindergartens - An Experimental Project

Rifca Hashimshony, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Introduction: This paper will describe a special innovative “cheap and cheerful” project sponsored by the science centre in Givat Olga, Israel, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, dedicated to the scientific enrichment of kindergartens.


The subject of the project, as prescribed to us, was: light and sound.

Two basic assumptions guided us in designing the place:

- the knowledge that the scientific background of these two subjects is difficult to explain to small children

- the recognition that small children can not concentrate for more than 10-15 minutes on one subject.

Our didactic approach was to develop games through which even small children will be able to learn some of the qualities of light and sound.

Since a usual class is made up of 30 children accompanied by 3 adults, we divided the small space that was available to us into three “working” zones, for 10 children each. In each such area are located several innovative scientific games, specially developed for this project. The games are based on “trial and error”, through which, hopefully, some basic knowledge and recognition of the subject will be achieved.

Conclusions: The project has just been finished and started to operate. In the next two month, until the end of this scholastic year, we intend to monitor it and we hope to be able to present our conclusions in the CIMUSET conference in September.

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