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Action plan – registration and identification

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Action plan – registration and identification

Objective 1: To ensure all dogs and cats which are over the age of three months which reside within the municipality are declared and registered with the Cardinia Shire Council and ensure that they are either implanted with a microchip and/or displaying identification.




Conduct an annual doorknock and follow up outstanding registrations to gain compliance.



Assists the public and gives them every opportunity to comply. Increases animal registration and ability to reunite missing animals.

Media releases through Council’s Communication Department, published in the internal Council magazine notifying residents of the requirements relating to registration requirements, including renewal date and animals to which a reduced fee applies. Publish articles in local paper prior to start of renewal period.

Annually (Feb)

Raises awareness relating to responsible ownership.

Assists AMOs ensuring strays can be returned as soon as collected.

Promotes compliance.

Pet Expo

Annually (March)

Provide discounted micro chipping, dog training, pet grooming, veterinary attention and animal ownership information and advice.

Mail out of registration renewal forms.

Annually (Feb)

Provides residents every opportunity to register they pets prior to 10 April.

Mail out of final notices for registration renewals.

Annually (May)

Increases registered number of dogs/cats

Compulsory micro-chipping of dogs and cats for first registration and transfer from another Council.


Promotes recovery rate.

Assists AMOs with identification.

Accessibility to online registration/renewal, and a range of registration payment methods – credit card, BPay, cheque.


Convenience for public.

Use Council’s website to provide information to residents on when registration is due, how and where to register, fee structure, registration form, what information they need to provide (e.g. microchipping, desexing certificates), letting Council know they are no longer the owner, have changed address or the pet is deceased. Highlight renewal period on website in March and April.

Annually (Feb)

Promotes compliance.


Minimise the potential nuisance that may be caused by dogs or cats under Section 68A(2)(c)(vi) of the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Current situation

Our current data





Pick up constrained dog




Dogs reported wandering at large




Barking dog complaints




Pick up constrained cat




Cat nuisance




Cat not confined to premises




Dog attack




Our Current Orders, Local Laws, Council Policies and Procedures

  • Compulsory de-sexing of all cats over the age of 3 months (Domestic Animals Act 1994 s.10A(1)).

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times unless in designated off-leash zones (Cardinia Shire Council Local Law 10 s. 26(2)(b)(i)).

  • All cats must be secured to the premises of the owner (Domestic Animals Act 1994 s.25(1)).

Our Current Procedures

  • Handling ‘aggressive dogs’

  • Collection of dogs after hours

  • Decision making of declaring dogs ‘Dangerous, Restricted Breed, Menacing.’

  • Manual Handling - lifting into and removing dogs from vehicles.

  • Manual Handling – transferring feral cats from cages.

  • Difficult Client Procedure

Cardinia Shire Council’s Local Law 10

Refer Appendix A,B,C,D,E and G

Our Current Education/Promotion Activities

  • An animal management stall at the annual Pet Expo supervised by an Animal Management Officer who can provide information regarding ‘animal nuisance.’

  • Notification to residents of any fireworks displays.

  • Provide educational material through letterbox drops and advocate responsible ownership relating to confinement of cats and dogs and animal nuisance.

  • Provide information on Council’s web site to report nuisance animal complaints.

  • Media releases – Animal Nuisance.

Our Current Compliance Activities

Prosecute pet owners where applicable, relating to breaches of Council’s Local Law and non-compliance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Actively deal with barking dog complaints and take enforcement action where applicable;

  • Issue ‘Warning Notices’ and ‘Notices to Comply.’

  • Issue Infringement Notices.

  • Programmed patrols of areas.

  • Provide cat and dog traps.

  • Provide 24-hour service for the collection of dogs, nuisance animals, stray animals and dog attacks.

  • Annual inspection of all excess animal permit holders.

  • Unscheduled inspections of all declared Dangerous, Menacing and Restricted Breeds dogs.


The Cardinia Shire Council’s current process relating to nuisance animals is received well by the community, through the hiring of cat and dog traps. Council has made orders relating to the desexing of all cats prior to registration, restricting cats to a 24 hour curfew and the requirement to have all dogs on a lead, chain or cord while in all public places.

Effective control of dogs in public places, reduces the likelihood of dog attacks, enables residents to comfortably enjoy these open spaces without the fear of dog attack and ensures public safety. The order relating to the de-sexing of cats prior to registrations, encourages responsible ownership, prevents potential feral and unwanted litters. The 24-hour cat curfew was introduced 12 years ago and has proved effective by reducing cats from trespassing and nuisance complaints of cats private properties.

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