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I’ve been reading your papers, and I find myself repeating the same comments over and over again. Here is an attempt to distill my crazy comments into a succinct document:

  1. Thesis and subthesis – You should be examining impact of slavery.

    1. Typical student examples:

      1. Slavery impacted people’s political ideology, the economic development of our nation, and the social relationships among 19th Century Americans. The horrors of slavery have created a rich and fascinating history.

      2. Although slavery was a cruel institution, it could not be easily abolished since it had an enormous impact on almost every aspect of society including economic development, political ideas, and social relationships among 19th Century Americans.

Key ideas – Yes. . You can take a prompt and use it to help you create a thesis. However, make certain you are comfortable with each of the terms – political ideology, economic systems and social relationships. While the theses mentioned above are not incorrect, the task of the writer is to define and show this impact. I did not get a sense that many of you really knew what each of the subtopics represented.

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