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Assessment Activity Title: “I Have a Dream” Speech Readers’ Theater

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Assessment Activity Title: “I Have a Dream” Speech Readers’ Theater

Description of Activity:

  1. Show transparencies of speech site. Ask students to respond by sharing what they notice, posing questions, making predictions regarding the event, etc. Give brief introduction to speech.

  2. Place desks in a circle. Ask students to rotate male/female in seats.

  3. Tell students that we will only work with selected excerpts since the entire speech is quite long.

  4. Give each student a copy of text. Teacher reads #1 section, student to left reads #2, and so on around the circle. This is a dry read just to get comfortable with the text.

  5. Repeat the process again. Students will probably have a different set of sentences to read this time, which is good.

  6. Assign each student a specific set of sentences. Students form partners and practice their sentences with each other to add all the elements of effective oral speaking. (3—5 minutes practice time with partner)

  7. Students form circle again and read once more, using their best oral speaking.

  8. Ask students who the targeted audience was, what the purpose of the speech was, and whether they believe Dr. King accomplished his purpose.

  9. Have students work with a partner to identify and mark one example of each of the following: simile, metaphor, alliteration, repetition, and allusion. Then have them join another pair and share/compare their answers.

  10. Show film clip of Dr. King’s speech delivery and discuss effective methods he employed to engage the audience.

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