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Stabilization of the financial situation of commercial banks, strengthening their relationship with the real sector of the national economy is not feasible without the formation of a conceptually new level of confidence by depositors and creditors in the banking system of the country. In today's banking sector is necessary to create a complete legal and financial system and protect investors ' interests, related to all stages of their relationship with a commercial bank.

The relevance of the topic is defined by one of the factors of stabilization of the Kyrgyz economy, namely: growth dynamics in savings potential through the growth of real incomes of the population. Source of the banking sector's resource base are the cash savings of citizens, which are so necessary to enhance the investment capacity of the economy. In this regard, the intensification of the process of accumulation of financial resources of individuals to deposits is of great importance.

The renewal of public confidence in the banking system in the Kyrgyz Republic is particularly useful because it led to the undermining of the refusal of the citizens to keep their savings in banking institutions and to seek the assistance of credit institutions. In this connection it was observed a weak concentration of household savings as domestic investment in the national economy.

The relevance of the topic is also dictated by the need to state that the system of deposit protection of banks of the Republic completed the stage of its organizational formation. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to perspective directions of economic and social development of the country. Because on these issues there are different points of view as meaningful to their side, and with respect to adeptness , it is necessary to systematize all made approaches in order to identify the most important ones.

A significant contribution to the study of deposits protection questions making research publications of International Association of Deposit Insurers, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation of the United States, the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation and some independent scientists, representing leading universities of the USA, Western Europe, Canada and Southeast Asia.

Separate aspects of the study of the problems of insurance and protection of deposits, as well as the reform of the banking system as a whole in the Kyrgyz Republic is reflected in the works of national scientists and practitioners Abakirov M.A., I. A. Abdieva, Alamanova C. B., I. A. Alieva, D. H. Bektenova, T. J. Koichumanova, T.K. Koichueva, Z. I. Kudabayeva , U. K. Sarbanova, S. A. Tursunova, etc.

The necessity of deep study of this problem, the great practical importance of its theoretical justification has led to the choice of topic, goal and objectives of this study.

This work aims to study the efficiency of the insurance system of bank deposits of individuals, which provides a balance of interests of both society and the banking sector, and depositors.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve some tasks:

1) To clarify the essence and contents of deposits insurance system

2) To analyze the international practice of deposit insurance system;

3) To determine the economic substance of the deposit insurance system and its financial basis;

4) Perform market trends of deposits in modern conditions;

5) Define the role of the state in ensuring financial stability of deposits insurance system;

6) To formulate possible ways of improving the deposits insurance system.

The research object of this thesis is the system of banking deposits protection in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Subject of thesis work – financial-economic relations and regularities of functioning of deposits insurance system as a determining factor of development of savings business in the Kyrgyz Republic.

During writing of thesis work was used the economic and scientific literature of domestic and foreign authors which reveals the principles and methods of study of deposit insurance; periodicals. In addition, basis of the thesis work are the laws, instructions and other legal acts, and also internal regulations and instructions to protect deposits.

Using literature allows to consider the theoretical and methodological basis of the research problem, to analyze deposit insurance, to consider main principles of development of the structure of attracted funds from individuals, calculate indices of development model of deposit insurance and effectiveness, assess overall economic trends determining the development of the market of deposits.

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