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Teacher: Ms. Dix Date/Week of: February 21st

Grade Level: 11 & 12th


AP U.S. History


Goals: Big Idea/Concept

HOW will you teach the Content? (strategies, accommodations, groups, content variation, etc.)

The American Civil War and Reforging the Union

I will cater to all of the students learning abilities. Some of the students are visual learners, some auditory, some kinesthetic. Some work well individually, others work well in groups. All of these different learning strategies will be implemented within this unit. There will be various note-taking using power point (visual), lecture (auditory), and there will also be hands on learning (kinesthetic, visual) (as will be demonstrated through various projects and mini activities throughout the entire unit. Students tend to have an attention span of about 10 to 15 minutes. After that the students must do something with that information. My instructional strategies will accommodate that to the best of my ability by giving notes for about 10 minutes, then doing a short activity with that information, then a little more notes or teacher facilitation, then another activity using that information which was just introduced. Technology will be a huge factor within a majority of my strategies.

Day 1:

  • Do Now Activity

  • Cornell Notes over Chapter 6 Section 1

  • Discussion of grades

  • Passing out engrade sheets/graded work

  • Review results over Chapter 5 Sections 1-4 Test

  • Finish watching America: The Story of Us (Industrial Revolution)

  • In-Class Assignment

  • Independent Reading/Work

Day 2:

  • eMINTS training (classroom observation at Hermann High School)

  • Subpacket

Day 3:

  • eMINTS training (Professional Development at Columbia MO.)

  • Subpacket

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