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Contemporary Issues – Modern Era Web Quest

Eisenhower Presidency

Describe each of the following events and its outcome

Brown v. Board of Education

Issues involved in case:

Outcome of Case:

Martin Luther King/SCLC

Why was Martin Luther king Jr. influential?

What was the purpose in SCLC (p.515)?

Little Rock Nine

Watch the clip: Answer the following questions

Why were they?

What was the reaction of the AR Governor to integration?

How did President Eisenhower Respond?

Greensboro Sit In

Describe the event and the reaction of segregationists to this protest.

How did Martin Luther King Jr react to the violence against non-violent protestors?

Eisenhower Interstate Highway System

List 4 facts about the Interstate Highway System


What is NASA?

Why was NASA created?

Kennedy Presidency Create a Kennedy Times Newspaper using the Newspaper Template (See Mr. Martin for Template)

Use the following sites for help:

Choose 2 of the following events to include on your Newspaper:

  1. Berlin Wall Constructed

  2. Berlin Blockade and Airlift

  3. Bay of Pigs Invasion

Choose 3 of the following:

  1. James Meredith Enrolls at University of Mississippi

  2. Cuban Missile Crisis

  3. Peace Corps

  4. Kennedy’s Space Program ( )

Kennedy Assassination

  1. Describe the events surrounding Kennedy’s Assassination (When, Where, etc).

  2. What are two theories surrounding the Assassination of President Kennedy?

  3. Who was Lee Harvey Osawld? Did he assassinate JFK?

  4. What does Medical Evidence suggest about the assassination?

  5. How does the conspiracy theorist view of the assassination differ from that of the “lone assassin” theory?

  6. What did the Warren Commission conclude concerning the death of JFK?

Johnson Presidency: Watch the following Video Clip (

  1. How did Lyndon Johnson become president?

  2. What was the Great Society?

  3. How did President Johnson change policy regarding American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

  4. What was the Civil Right Act of 1964?

  5. How did the Voting Rights Act impact the ability of minorities to vote? Did it prevent discrimination at the voting booth?

  6. What events caused Johnson not to run for president in 1968?

Nixon Presidency

Create a keynote presentation which includes the following events of the Nixon presidency.

Each slide must have a title, short description of event, and picture. Please site sources ate end of presentation.

  1. Election of 1968

  2. Détente

  3. Nixon ends the draft

  4. Tet Offensive

  5. Vietnamization

  6. Nixon’s bombing of Camboia and Laos and Reactions

  7. War Powers Act

  8. Watergate Scandal (

  9. Nixon’s Resignation

President Nixon:

Ford Presidency (

Watch this video clip President Ford:

List 4 facts about Ford’s Presidency

Carter Presidency (1977-1981):

  1. When was President Carter elected?

  2. What are the Camp David Accords?

  3. What region of the world did President Carter attempt to achieve peace in by negotiating the Camp David Accords?

President Carter Video Clip (Answer the following questions as you watch):
Carter Clip 1 -

Carter Clip 2 -

  1. How did the economy perform under President Carter (Clip 1)?

  2. What was the Iran Hostage Crisis (Clip 1)?

  3. How did the Iran Hostage Crisis and the poor economy impact Jimmy Carter’s re-election efforts (clip 2)?

  4. Why did President Carter win a Nobel Peace Prize?

Reagan Presidency (1981-1989)

Use the following sites to help you with the chart:


Description and Impact

Election of 1980

Sandra Day O’Connor nominated to Supreme Court

Bmbing of US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon

Election of 1984

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster and Response

Iran-Contra Scandal

“Tear Down This Wall” Speech

View this Clips Reviewing the Reagan Presidency:

George HW Bush Presidency (1989-1993):

Answer the following questions as you watch this video clip:

  1. What campaign promise did George HW Bush make in the Election of 1988?

  2. What war did George HW Bush serve in?

  3. What two foreign policy events defined George HW Bush’s Presidency?

  4. What conflict ended during George HW Bush’s Presidency?

  5. What was the goal of the US during the Persian Gulf War? Was this goal achieved?

  6. Did George HW Bush seek international help in the Persian Gulf War?

  7. Why did President Bush leave Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq?

  8. What was the stated aim of the Persian Gulf War?

  9. What promise did President Bush break? How did it impact the economy?

Clinton Presidency: (1993-2001)

Complete the timeline below by listing and describing each event that occurred on the date listed. Ues the following website for help:

  1. February 1, 1993

  2. August 10, 1993 (1 event)

  3. September 21, 1993

  4. December 8, 1993 (Major event, be detailed)

  5. March 31, 1994

  6. October 20, 1994

  7. December 8, 1994

  8. January 31, 1995

  9. July 12, 1995

  10. December 14, 1995 (Major event, be detailed)

  11. February 24, 1996

  12. April 24, 1996 (Major event, be detailed)

  13. August 22, 1996 (Major event, be detailed)

  14. April 24, 1997

  15. August 5, 1997 (First event listed, major, be detailed)

  16. August 9, 1997

  17. December 16, 1997 (Major event, be detailed)

  18. October 7, 1998

  19. October 23, 1998 (Major event)

  20. December 12, 1998

  21. December 16, 1998

  22. June 20, 1999 (Major event, be detailed)

Answer the following questions as you view the video clip reviewing the Clinton Presidency:

  1. Did Hilary Clinton have an important role in the Clinton Presidency?

  2. What major trade agreement was signed during Clinton’s first term?

  3. What major scandals defined the Clinton Presidency?

  4. Who was the leader of the Republicans during the Clinton Presidency?

  5. Did the government shutdown during this time?

  6. Was Clinton re-elected?

  7. Was Bill Clinton impeached? Removed?

  8. What terrorist leader was planning an attack on America during this time?

Refer to pages 562-566 and identify the following terms:

  1. Globalization

  2. Free Trade

  3. NAFTA

  4. Biotechnology

George W. Bush Presidency (2001-2009)

Answer the following Questions as you view the video clip.

  1. Describe the election of 2000 and its outcome.

  2. What is terrorism (Look up on

  3. What event took place on 9/11/2001?

  4. Who was the mastermind of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks?

  5. What nation did the US declare war upon following the 9/11 Attacks?

  6. What nations was President Bush referring to when he used the term “Axis of Evil”?

  7. Was President Bush re-elected? When?

  8. What took place with the American economy from 2007-2009?

Obama Presidency

Use the following websites to help answer the following questions?

  1. What made the election of 2008 historic?

  2. What are some of the major political issues impacting Americans today?

  3. How has President Obama changed policy in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  4. What is the Affordable Care Act?

  5. Why do some (Republicans) oppose the Affordable Care Act?

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