Consultation Paper Privity of Contract

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The Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong
Privity of Contract Sub-committee

Consultation Paper

Privity of Contract

This consultation paper can be found on the Internet at:

May 2004

This Consultation Paper has been prepared by the Privity of Contract Sub-committee of the Law Reform Commission. It does not represent the final views of either the Sub-committee or the Law Reform Commission, and is circulated for comment and discussion only.
The Sub-committee would be grateful for comments on this Consultation Paper by 31 August 2004. All correspondence should be addressed to:
The Secretary

The Privity of Contract Sub-committee

The Law Reform Commission

20th Floor, Harcourt House

39 Gloucester Road


Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2528 0472
Fax: (852) 2865 2902
It may be helpful for the Commission and the Sub-committee, either in discussion with others or in any subsequent report, to be able to refer to and attribute comments submitted in response to this Consultation Paper. Any request to treat all or part of a response in confidence will, of course, be respected, but if no such request is made, the Commission will assume that the response is not intended to be confidential.
It is the Commission's usual practice to acknowledge by name in the final report anyone who responds to a consultation paper. If you do not wish such an acknowledgment, please say so in your response.

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