Constitution was established?

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After Georgia becomes an independent state, Georgia needed a new permanent constitution and an organized government. What 1st constitution was established?


Of The 12 colonial parishes became 8

______________ ­­­­____________________.

State Government under the Georgia Constitution of 1777 consisted of:

  1. A one house legislature called The House of Assembly. The House of

Assembly had much of the power. It could:

  1. Appoint judicial members (courts)

  2. Appoint the executive (governor)

  3. Accept or reject any bills proposed by governor

2. A weak executive branch. Under this executive branch:

  1. Governors were limited to a term of one year

  2. Governor were selected by legislature not elected by people

  3. A 12 member “executive council” monitored the governor

There were weaknesses under the Georgia Constitution of 1777. (See notes for weaknesses.) Because of the weaknesses in the Georgia Constitution of 1777, changes were made.

While living as independent states with their own constitutions, they also self governed, under a confederation. In the confederation, the states had the power to govern. The way the confederation government operated was outlined by this document:

___________________ - was adopted in 1777

Of -is the first constitution of the

___________________ United States.

The government under the Articles of Confederation consisted of:

  1. A of unicameral legislature (Congress)

  2. No chief executive and no national court system

  3. Founding Fathers intended central government to be weak (avoid re-emergence of govt. like Great Britain)

The Articles of Confederations had many weaknesses. (See notes for weaknesses and strengths of Articles of Confederations.) The central government found in the Articles of Confederation was weak. The central government needed to be able to:

  • _______________________________ so it could pay its debts and keep the respect of other countries and its own citizens

  • Negotiate effectively with Great Britain, France, and Spain and improve its relationship with the Indians (p 310)

Because of the weaknesses within the Articles of Confederation a meeting was called. This meeting was called: The Constitutional Convention of 1787
The Constitutional Convention of 1787 (Philadelphia)

  • Conventions start in May in Philadelphia

  • 55 delegates sent from each state to attend (RI did not attend)

  • Georgia sent Abraham Baldwin and William Few

  • Georgia was interested in the convention because it hoped that changes in the central government would help Georgia in its negotiations with the Native Americans

  • Two plans of a new government were discussed during the convention:

1. Virginia Plan (introduced by James Madison and was supported by

Georgia) wanted to do away with the Articles of Confederation

  1. New Jersey Plan wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation

Discuss the Plans: p. 312
Virginia Plan: (larger states) New Jersey Plan: (smaller states)

____ branches of govt’ _____ house of legislature (Congress)

____ houses of legislature Each state had one vote; votes based

(Senate and House on equality

Of Representatives)

Votes based on ___________.

Stronger national govt’
There was a debate over both plans, but the delegates finally reached an agreement called the GREAT COMPROMISE (Connecticut Plan) in which there was a mixture of both of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan.

  • Established the lower house of Congress

*House of Representatives –numbers of representatives from each state based on population

*The Senate- which would have 2 senators from each state regardless of state size (equality)

There was a problem with how to count the population of each state. Why, because slaves were a large part of the population in the South. Slaves made up ______ of the population. The North did not want to count slaves. Why did the South want to include slaves in the population count? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What fraction of slaves was agreed on to be counted as population? ________

(Slaves still couldn’t vote.)
Separation of Powers: How the Government will be organized …
Legislative  1.) House of Representatives 2.) Senate = Congress Makes Laws

Executive  1.) President = Carries out laws

Judicial  1.) Court System = Interpret Laws/settles conflict
What started as a convention to amend the Articles of Confederation, ended with the establishment of an entirely new document to present to the public for ratification (approval): The United States Constitution

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