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The name of this association is the Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Student Councils. (S.E.M.A.S.C.)


The objective of this organization shall be to stimulate interest in student government and to act as a clearinghouse for the problems and concerns of member schools.


This association shall give full power to exercise legislation on all problems pertaining to it, to the extent that such legislation does not conflict with the Massachusetts Association of Student Councils.


  1. Secondary schools in the southeastern section of Massachusetts that have student councils

shall be eligible for membership.

  1. An eligible school may become a member of this association by payment of dues no later

than December 31. Membership is for the academic year.

  1. The officers of this association shall be a president, vice president, secretary and publicity coordinator, each of whom shall be from a different member school. There shall be eight to twelve (8 - 12) student members of the Executive Board, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, Publicity Coordinator, Webmaster (appointed), President-Elect and three delegates.

  2. The S.E.M.A.S.C. Executive Director and the Executive Board may appoint one to three

Members in good standing of the previous year’s Executive Board who were not re-

elected at the Spring Conference to serve as Delegates to the Executive Board. This will

be decided no later than the first meeting after the Spring Conference.

  1. In order to maintain continuity of action from year to year, an Advisory Board shall be

maintained consisting of the faculty advisers of the elected and appointed officers and


  1. If the Executive Director decides to step down the replacement will be elected by the

advisors present at the spring convention.

  1. An Assistant Executive Director may be appointed by the Executive Director at the first

business meeting each year.

  1. The Executive Director and the President automatically become members of the MASC

Executive Board and are expected to attend all MASC meetings.

  1. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association; shall preside at all meetings; shall have general management of its affairs; and shall have the power to appoint all necessary committees.

  1. The Vice-President, in absence or disability of the President, shall perform the duties and

exercise the powers of the President.

  1. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Association, preserve the

same, and transfer them to the newly elected Secretary. The Secretary will also be

responsible for sending notices of all Executive Board Meetings.

  1. The Publicity Coordinator shall have charge of coordinating and publishing up to five (5) major newsletters per year.

  2. The Delegates shall perform the duties appointed by the Executive Board as deemed

necessary during any given year.

  1. The Webmaster shall create and maintain the SEMASC web-site and interact with the

MASC Webmaster when necessary to update information and create links.

    1. The S.E.M.A.S.C. Executive Director, President, Vice President and Webmaster will review Webmaster applications, interview applicants and submit their recommendations to the entire Executive Board for their approval.

    2. The selected Webmaster will be notified prior to the Spring S.E.M.A.S.C. Conference. He/She will be introduced at the Spring Conference as an appointed member of the Executive Board.

  1. The Executive and Advisory Boards shall meet with the Executive Director at least once a month. Additional meetings will occur to meet with conference host schools as need.

  2. A S.E.M.A.S.C. elected officer who misses two scheduled meetings will be subject to

removal from the Board. The Advisory Board will handle all decisions concerning

removal. If an Executive Board member is removed another Executive Board member

will assume their responsibilities if deemed necessary. The membership will be notified

concerning any responsibility changes.

  1. The S.E.M.A.S.C. Advisory Board members may attend scheduled Executive Board meetings.


  1. The President/ President-Elect will be elected at the prior Fall Conference. If the elected president is not a current member of the executive board then he/she will also become a delegate for the remainder of that year.

  2. The remaining officers and delegates shall be elected at the Spring Conference of the

Association to serve for one calendar year.

  1. A S.E.M.A.S.C. member school may run only one candidate for Delegate.

  2. A S.E.M.A.S.C. member school may run only one candidate for the office of President- Elect during the Fall Conference, one candidate for Vice President, Secretary, or Publicity Coordinator and one candidate for Delegate during the Spring Conference. Member schools may not run a candidate for Vice President, Secretary or Publicity Coordinator if the President-Elect is from that school.

  3. Candidates must be in attendance and give a speech at the conference or they will be disqualified.

  4. Candidates running for election MUST attend the Spring Candidate’s Night in order to be

eligible for elections.

  1. Only eleventh graders may run for President-Elect. The Vice President, Secretary,

Publicity Coordinator must presently be either sophomores or juniors.

  1. Candidates for election shall be members in good standing of their class, who shall have

the written endorsement of their respective principal, advisor and student council president.

  1. Candidates will be responsible for submitting five bulleted lines of size 12 Times New Roman Font of leadership accomplishments for their sought after position that will be printed and made available for member schools.

  1. Nominations shall be received by the Executive Director no later than the date published

in the nomination ballots each year and no additional nominations shall be considered after that time.

  1. The election of the officers shall be by delegates from the secondary schools of

Southeastern Massachusetts who are members of the Association.

    1. Accredited delegates shall be elected by their respective schools and shall bear

credentials to this effect, signed by the principal or his official representative,

the Student Council Advisor and the Student Council President.

    1. Each member school represented at the convention shall be allowed three (3) ballots for President-Elect and all other elected positions.


  1. Conferences will be held twice yearly at the schools selected, nominated, and voted

upon by the delegates at the previous meeting.

  1. The school hosting the convention will turn all profits over to the Association at the

end of the conference.

  1. The Association will assume all debts incurred by that meeting (convention).

  2. The Fall Conference will be held during the months of October or November.

  3. The Winter Conference will be held during the months of January or February.

  4. The Spring Conference will be held no later than the second full week of May.


This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote of the delegates, provided that said amendments submitted to the Advisory Board and all members at least one month before either of the two meetings held during the year. Any member school may submit an amendment.

Revised 2015

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