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This is a basic constitution for UK based groups using consensus decision making. If you have a small group and need a constitution because you want to open a bank account or apply for grants and stuff, then this is for you. It is based on constitutions commonly used by unincorporated associations (ie the 'normal' type of group) in the UK.
Although many groups don't have 'Officer' roles, these have been included here because 'Officers' – where certain responsible people are 'elected' every year – is what banks and grant-givers understand. This doesn't mean you have to change the way you work as a group: when decisions are made by consensus the whole group is responsible, so the only power you'll be giving the 'Officers' is that of signing the bank book!
How to use this constitution:

  • Pay particular attention to the red italic bits and change to suit. Anything in BOLD RED ITALICS should be deleted.

  • Make sure your whole group checks the rest of the constitution – is everyone happy with it? It may not mean much now, but your group may rely on it in future to resolve disputes.

  • Many funders and banks require 2 or 3 signatories – in that case make sure you have enough 'Officers'!

  • Now you can delete this text :-)

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