Connected … for Forty Days – Week Six

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Discussions Questions:

  1. People speak of “the power of prayer.” How does believing in the power of God bring power to your prayers?

  2. How do we ever get to the place that we would doubt that God’s power is sufficient? How do we recover from doubt and move forward in faith?

  3. Share some answers to prayer that have built your faith in the power of God and the power of prayer.

  4. How would you describe what it means to enter into God’s rest?

“…and the glory forever and ever”

According to John Piper …

God’s glory is the outward radiance of the intrinsic beauty and greatness of His manifold perfections [His holiness]. We must constantly remind ourselves that we are speaking of a glory that is ultimately beyond any comparison in creation. God’s glory is the all-defining, absolutely original standard of greatness and beauty. All created greatness and beauty comes from it and points to it, but such things do not comprehensively or adequately reproduce it.”

And yet we – who fall so regrettably short of God’s divine standard of perfect holiness – are called upon to bring Him glory.

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