Congress of Vienna Directions

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Congress of Vienna
Directions: You and your group represent a nation from Europe that is involved in the Congress of Vienna. You will have many decisions to make regarding the future of France and the future of Europe as a whole. Remember the continent has been involved in warfare for a very long period of time. You have two main goals; 1. Restore peace and 2. Prevent France and other any other nation from becoming too powerful.

You will be provided with an issue that must be addressed. First you will discuss it with your nation and come up with a plan. 2. You will present your plan to the Congress. 3. You will vote on the best plan or a combination of plans. 4. What really happen and why?

Goals: Prevent future aggression by France

Restore a Balance of Power in Europe

Restore Royal Families
Countries involved in Congress: Prussia (Germany), Russia, Austria, Britain, and France
Lasted 8 months,

Most influential person was an Austrian named Klemens von Metternich

Metternich felt that democratic ideals resulted in Napoleon

Issue 1

One reason why France was able to conquer most of Europe was because the nations surrounding France were small, weak and disorganized while the French were united. How can you prevent this from happening again?

Your Resolution:

Class Resolution:

Congress of Vienna 1814-1815

The Congress made countries around France stronger.

Austrian Netherlands + The Dutch Republic were united to form the Kingdom of the Netherlands

39 German states were united into a German Confederation dominated by Austria

Switzerland became independent

The Italian kingdom of Sardinia was strengthened by adding Genoa

Issue 2

The Congress decided it may be unwise to severely weaken France. Why? Regardless, how will you weaken France but at the same time help them maintain some strength?


Your Resolution:

Class Resolution:

Congress of Vienna 1814-1815

The leaders of the Congress did not want to weaken France too much because they felt that it would encourage the French to take revenge.
Additionally, if they weaken France too much another nation may be encouraged to attack it.
France had to return all of its acquired territory. Its borders returned back to 1790 borders. It was allowed to keep its overseas possessions, its army, and an independent government.

Issue 3
What about the monarchs that were driven from the throne by Napoleon? This includes Louis XVIII of France. If restored what type of monarchy would you suggest and why?

Your Resolution:

Class Resolution:

Congress of Vienna 1814-1815
The Congress believed in the concept of legitimacy. They agreed that all of the rulers that had been driven out by Napoleon should be returned to the their thrones.
They believed that the return of monarchs would lead to stabilization in Europe.
Louis XVIII (brother of Louis XVI) was returned to the throne in France and instituted a constitutional monarchy.

Issue 4

The French Revolution may be over but the ideas will last forever. How will this Congress combat future Revolutions that may develop in the nations of Europe?

Your Resolution:

Class Resolution:

Congress of Vienna 1814-1815
Holy Alliance between Austria and Prussia

Concert of Europe- assured that nations would help each other if revolution broke out.
This sowed the seeds for political turmoil and future revolution in German states

Long Term Outcomes of Congress

Peace in Europe
Lasted from 1815 until 1853

Stabilized Europe- balance of power

Kings were restored

Constitutional Monarchies develop in Western Europe- Absolute remain in the East (Russia, Prussia, Austria)

Revolutions in other areas of the world
Spanish Royalist (Peninsulars) wanted to re-establish their power and control over lands in colonies. The Creoles wanted to maintain their power. Led to the Mexican revolution.
Similar situations arose in Brazil.
Power of France

What countries will be the most powerful and why?

Where may Nationalistic feelings develop and lead to Revolution? Why?
People living in Germany, Greece, Italy were put under control of foreign nations this developed stronger nationalistic feelings within the population- this led to future revolution.
Future of Governments in Europe?
Italy, Germany

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