Congres international de kaslik liban 18-20 Juin 1998

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Contribution with interdisciplinary scientific notions

to the education for all to the respect of water
Dr. Julie LADEL, hydrologist and scientific mediator & Jérôme THIBAULT, scientific mediator

'Association Graine de Chimiste', University of Paris, France
1995-French Higher Education and Research Ministry 'Scientific and Technical Culture Award'

The 'Association Graine de Chimiste' activities show the demand and the needs for a scientific education on the theme of water from various public targets, in formal and non-formal contexts.

Consumers, trainers and decision makers request organised scientific bases which will allow them to interpret media information and to understand the field of the stakes related to water resources and their use.

Educational materials, realised by the Association Graine de Chimiste with the aim to provide them with these bases, are presented herein as well as the remarks based on our field experience to enhance the development of an education toward a culture of a preserved and shared water as part of a culture of peace.
Key Words : Scientific and Technical Culture, Science Education, Water, Hands-on Workshops, Educational Materials, Culture of Peace

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