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Confederate Legion


"But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savour shall come up..."

(Joel 2:20)
Table of Contents
Section I The Confederate Legion
Section II Confederate Legion Membership
Section III The Southern Belles

Section I

Confederate Legion

"So shalt thou find favour, and good understanding

in the sight of God and man." (Proverbs 3:4)
There is an effort presently underway to create a long overdue organization, The Confederate Legion. When fully created it will be a professional, incorporated organization and a ceremonial honor guard of the Confederate States Nationalist Movement. It will be totally lawful and peaceful in every respect. It will not be an armed force or a militia, but in effect the entity will be entertainers and showmen. The legionnaires will perform in parades, rallies, conventions, conferences and other history, heritage and cultural events, such as would bring honor and credit upon the Confederate States of America. The Confederate Legion will be devoted to those principles of honor, honesty, integrity, chivalry, duty, family loyalty and that same truth which was laid down by our forefathers. The Confederate Legion shall consider the Confederate States Constitution to be the only lawful constitutional governing document of these thirteen member States and territories of the Confederate States of America. The Confederate Legion will be a Christian All Male organization believing in Almighty God, the Holy Scripture, and Prayer. While the Confederate Legion will not be a religious order, such as a church or denomination, it will encourage a return to the fundamentals of the Christian Faith and an abandonment of the pagan and heathen debauchery taught by the social order of our occupation forces. Through the example of our legionnaires we wish to set the highest moral standards.
The ravages of historical revisionism and cultural cleansing have taken their toll and if left unchecked, would reduce all that is Confederate and Southern to a forgotten memory. Such has not been the case! Our Confederate and Southern culture is once again growing and expanding. Therefore now is the time to return to the pride, dignity and nobility we once enjoyed. This process begins by restoring the pomp, pageantry, ceremony and the long columns of men gray in a pass and review parade. In order to be effective the title of 'The Confederate Legionnaire' must be more than just a title, it must be descriptive of the membereship's character and it must be earned; based upon principle, performance, loyalty, dedication, duty, responsibility and honor. These indeed describe the coat of arms of the Legionnaire! While the Confederate Legionnaire is a voluntary ceremonial soldier, sailor, marine or border patrolman, he stands in the stead of our Confederate heroes who fought, suffered, bled, and died in agony in the defense of our nation, the Confederate States of America. The history, heritage, culture, traditions and faith of our forefathers are his to uphold. The pride, demeanor, mannerism, courage and devotion to the cause shall become his trademark and badge of identification. The Confederate Legionnaire shall endeavor to set an example that gives credit to himself, his family, the community as well as the Confederacy.

The Confederate Legion shall use the Confederate Code of Military Order as a model in organizing on the County, Parish, State and National level. This shall include the appointment of a General Staff at each command level, which shall include the local, State and national, where appropriate. The Confederate Legion shall be commanded on the national level by a Commandant, which shall be the one deviation from the Code of Military Order. Membership in the Confederate Legion shall be without regard to race and shall be based upon a single historic Confederate and Southern history, heritage, culture and nationhood. Membership shall be without regard to decadency, therefore no effort whatsoever will be made to base recruitment and or membership on genealogy. The Confederate Legion shall not be organized like unto any Confederate or Southern organization now existing, nor shall terms, procedures and standards used by other organizations be transferred over to the Confederate Legion. The standard military structure of company, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, and corps will be utilized and an officer's rank shall be appropriate to his command assignment. Officer, non-commissioned officeres and enlisted rank structure, promotion, and entitlements shall be based upon qualification, aptitude, loyalty and conduct. Those holding such rank shall do so because they have earned that privilege!
The uniform of the Confederate Legion will be similar as that described in the Confederate Code of Military Order. However, because it will be ceremonial and involved in showmanship, The Confederate Legion uniform will reflected its status. When created the Confederate Legion Uniform shall bear a Confederate Legion seal, badge or pin which shall so distinguish the wearer as a legionnaire. A system shall be developed whereby membership and loyalty to the Confederate Legion, its principles and rules shall be highly praised, aside from the expected loyalty to the honorable and just cause of the cause. The time for the Confederate Legion has come and we must take care that shall it be organized and operated in a top professional manor, while doing so under the excellence for which the Legionnaire must eventually be known. The population at large must come to expect the highest standards and mark of excellence of the men of the legion. Nothing else we may do will so reflect upon ourselves, families, State, and the Confederate States of America. In this manor families in every sector of our nation will find it an honor and privilege, when their men are accepted into membership in the Confederate Legion. Those prepared to exert the effort and the professionalism necessary over a long period of time are welcome to take part. Those out for a once-in-a-while thrill need not concern themselves!
The Confederate Legion would not be able to require an Oath of Allegiance in any form, while our Southland remains under occupation. But we can and will consider The Confederate Legion Pledge as the pledge of each individual legionnaire personal honor. Those who might come to feel the Confederate Legion is somehow infringing upon an area reserved for other older and well known organizations will find themselves mistaken. It is our full intention that in the performance of duty as a Confederate Legionnaire, they will be reflectioning and due honors upon our other compatriot Confederate and Southern Organizations. We are one movement, having one mission and one purpose! The legion will be but one arm in our collective struggle to see the vindication of our just and honorable cause. The Confederate Legion will not require its members to display, maintain, carry, pledge or salute the flag or symbols of any other nation outside of the Confederate States of America.
We look forward to your membership in the Confederate Legion. All members must consider the Confederate Legion Pledge of Honor, quoted in Article II below, as their individual pledge to be remembered and posted.

Section II

Confederate Legion

Application for Membership
I hereby voluntarily and of my own free will, apply for membership in the Confederate Legion - Knights of Valor. I do so with the understanding that I will uphold its beliefs and principles. That I will, to the best of my ability, abide by the legion's governing documents. I understand that as a Confederate Legionnaire, I am a Ceremonial Honor Guard. I will at all times uphold pride, honor, demeanor, mannerism, courage, and sense of duty, thereby earning the title "Confederate Legionnaire." I will endeavor to set an example, both in word and deed, which will bring credit upon my family, community, State, and the Confederacy. I further confirm my belief in limited, restrained, constitutional government, the supremacy of law, and the inalienable rights of man. I am committed to lawful, peaceful means in achieving the vindication of the just and honorable cause of the South. I understand that it is my duty to study, practice, drill, and to keep my uniform and equipment in a state so as to be found ready when called to muster. The Confederate Legion Pledge of Honor, I will bury in my heart, and make it my standard.

The Confederate Legion Pledge

"I am a Confederate Legionnaire in the service of the just and honorable cause of the South, in behalf of the Citizens of the Confederate States of America. It is my purpose and mission to reclaim the honor of our forefathers who fought, suffered, bled and died in agony in our nation's defense. Unfurl and raise our Confederate States National Flag to it's rightful place and glory. Duty, responsibility and my own personal honor require of me to do whatever is lawful, peaceful and honorable, in order to restore the Confederate States Constitution to power, reseat the Confederate State Government, and reinstate the Confederate States of America to it's rightful independence. With these words I swear my pledge of loyalty forever!”

Name: (print/first-middle-last)_____________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
City, State & Occupation Zip Code: __________________________________
Date, City & State of Birth: _______________________________________________

Stand, salute if in uniform, otherwise put your right hand over your heart and repeat: "I salute the Confederate flag with affection, reverence, and undying devotion to the cause for which it stands."
Signature of Applicant: __________________________________________
Signature & Rank of Officer:______________________________________________
Congratulations, you are now a member of the Confederate Legion - Knights of Valor!

Section III

The South Belles
"Of thee oh Lord, from far above, we ask of thee thy grace and love, and he gave his finest, a Southern Belle."

There remains within the arsenal of our Confederate Southern political and cultural movement, weapons never having been put to the use. The Almighty God of heaven has graced our Southland with the loveliest and finest ladies to be found anywhere upon earth. Throughout the War for Confederate Independence our ladies had served in many capacities, from spies to smuggling much needed medical supplies across enemy lines. Usually at the cost of their lives, while having never sacrificed the vary grace and charm for which they were noted. We are engaged in an extension of that same war, an extension equally as devastating as the war itself, howbeit on a different battlefield. The loss of this phase of the ongoing War for Confederate Independence would mean the extinction of all that we know as Confederate and Southern. We would be passing on to our descendents yet unborn the necessity of fighting the bloodiest revolution in human history, in order to regaining their lost liberties. Therefore it would behoove us to make careful use of every lawful, peaceful and honorable means at our disposal, toward the ultimate victory and the vindication of our just cause.
We all naturally pay high honors to the descendants of our heroic Confederate Soldiers and Statesmen as well as the United Daughters of the Confederacy. These most noble of Southern Belles have done their duty, low these many years since their founding having done their utmost to preserve our history, heritage and culture. However the struggle to which we are engaged requires us to go beyond the preservation of our history, heritage and culture and secure the liberation and restoration of our nation, the Confederate States of America. While it is expected that our genealogy-based organizations will be involved in the struggle, it is apparent others will need to join them on the battle line so that our numbers might be sufficient to achieving victory. We therefore propose that an organization of our ladies be formed, made up of Confederates and Southerners of the Confederacy without regard to their genealogical decadency. This organization should by what ever terminology the ladies may choose, believe in the liberation of the member States and territories of the Confederacy as well as the filling of the now vacant but valid seats in the Confederate States Government via special elections arranged for that purpose, in accordance with the Confederate States Constitution. They should believe firmly in the history, heritage, cultural and nationhood of the South of the Confederate States of America.
But these are mere technical qualifications, for what we truly need is ladies which are political cultural activist, prepared to use the traditions, symbols, dress and mannerisms of our historic Southern Belles in an organized fashion as an actual weapon in our arsenal. Such an organization might be formulated in any fashion and under any name as may please our ladies. Perhaps having a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Directors and such other officers as may be deemed necessary on the national, state and local level. A feminine Southern name should be chosen, one that rings in the ears of the public which would spread the notoriety of the organization simply by its vary sound. A name that is charming and pleasant!
What would be the mission of such an organization of our Belles of the South? Quite simply to achieve what no one else can! They must be out front and in the middle of the political cultural arena, in parades, pickets, and petitioning of local, state and eventually national government, while doing so in the character and dress of Southern Belles. Over the past half century we have all witnessed the women's liberation movement and their methods. The nation is now accustomed to their presence, but they aren't at all ready for what is being proposed here. Imagine if you will, several hundreds or thousands of Southern Belles with their belle dresses, parasols and fine Southern manners, all descending upon some poor helpless city, county, parish council, or school board. Even the State Governments would stand helpless before these ladies! A challenge therefore is made to you ladies; if by chance you don't believe it will work, just give it a try.
Round up several hundreds of your sister Southern Belles and dress up in your historic costumes, put on your finest Southern Belle manners, then select a council and pay them a visit. Someone take along a video camera so the mass media as well as us gentlemen will see the results. While all this is unfolding, we'll be thanking our Lord Jesus Christ that we are not sitting on the board you are visiting. The exposure you will get from the mass propaganda media will do wonders toward vindicating our just and honorable cause. Your organization will afterwards grow into the multitudes and one day we may see a Million Southern Belle March down Pennsylvania Avenue through Abraham Lincoln's Imperial Capital of Washington City, the Babylon on the Potomac. You ladies can help new members acquire the needed items at minimum cost, while you plan strategy at a modern day version of the traditional Southern Ladies Tea with socializing that will be uplifting to your spirit.

How about it ladies, the movement needs your help; organize today, and begin recruiting.
God save the Confederacy

The Confederate Legion

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