Confederate Army of Georgia

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Confederate Army of Georgia

Militia, Professional Army or Imagination!
This story was originally written in the late 1990’s so it is necessary to use that as a reference in understanding what is being described.
It is for the reader to decide whether the story you are about to read is true or if it is just another story of fiction! Those who may read this story must understand if you come to believe it really happened, and then I am at a loss for words to explain, let alone justify how it could have taken place. But if by change it did not happen then what the difference to just another story, but if on the other hand it did indeed happen then the hour may be far closer then anyone may think.

While my deep feelings of Confederate States patriotism and nationalism go back a long time, no action was contemplated. Primarily because in those early years there seem to be no possible outlet for how I felt, and even less prospect of make it happen. In the early 1990's several events took place, which would alter the equation forever. This story deals with only a single aspect of these events and involves an experience which has not to date been told, until now.

My family and I had left Bay County Florida in route to Atlanta and decided to drive through the area of Fort Gordon Georgia, where her brother had at one time been stationed during the period of the Vietnam War. There was no particular reason to hurry in route to Atlanta and in any case we figured to stop at several places upon arrival, among which was the Stone Mountain Monument and the Atlanta Battlefield Park. We never managed to make it to our second destination! None-the-less this trip would prove to be a memorable event, which we would long remember.

Personally I have not driven through the area of Fort Gordon in a number of years and certainly had no particular reason to do so prior to the events, which are described in this story. We had reached the vicinity of Fort Gordon and while it was not our destination we decided to stop for gasoline, maybe a fat burger and a coke. We entered a restaurant alone the way having a local name which has long since slipped my memory. Upon entering we couldn't help but to notice three young men perhaps in they’re mid-twenties wearing army U.S. Army combat camouflage fatigues. There was no reason to take special notice at first so long as we were viewing these men from behind. Upon paying the clerk the men turned around and politely greeted us on their way out of the facility.

There is no doubt in my mind the local people may well have never looked beyond the fatigues these men wore, and likely had not noticed their accoutrements. They reminded me of an Army M.P. wearing what might be termed a 'Class A. Combat' Uniform. Accept each had a different colored military scarf around their neck, red, yellow and sky blue. But what caused me to be awe struck was the Confederate Battle flag patch high on their right sleeve, near the shoulder. On the left side there was what seemed to be the real Georgia State Flag, though the angle did not permit a good view at the time. My eyes were so fixed I am sure the men knew there was a glaze in my eyes! This isn't real I thought!

These events probably happened in a matter of a few moments but it seemed longer to me, while it was happening. These soldiers had on the green camouflage fatigues, which were common prior to the First Gulf War, a green web belt and a C.S.A. Belt Buckle. There didn't seem to be any metallic objects whatsoever visible on their uniforms. Even the belt buckles were of some alloy type material and matched the overall pattern of the uniform. Their blacks ‘mid calf’ combat type boots, which were of a type common for the times. Their caps were held in their hands, since they were still indoors, but I could see clearly they were the jungle type worn during the Vietnam War, though like their overall appearance, pressed and clean to an extreme.

Quickly it became obvious these were not U.S. Army troops, but before I could ask, they disappeared out the double doors of the restaurant and an opportunity was lost forever. I pretended as though I hadn’t noticed as we proceeded to a booth and ordered a meal, as I considered in my mind what I had seen. Maybe they were just a parade group just returning from practice? After we finished our meal we made payment and departed! A short way down the highway we pulled into a popular gas station and began to fill up the tank before continuing our journey. My mind was still on the three soldiers we had seen at the restaurant just a short time ago, about which I still pretend nothing unusual had happened. Besides maybe it was my wild imagination!

Suddenly around the corner came those same three soldiers and having finished pumping gas I was not about to miss a perfect opportunity this time. On the way inside I paused to ask them: Forgive me being a stranger in these parts, but I couldn't help noticing your uniforms and the Confederate flag insignias. Are you three men active military and to what command are you assigned? The soldier wearing the yellow scarf and cloth patch captain’s bars on his collars was obviously the spokesman for the three of them. Good day sir, we are not active U. S. Army, but a special contingent of the Confederate Army of Georgia! You will excuse me of course he said, but while the uniform is for everyone to see, who and what we are is classified. Sufficient to say we are Confederates and what you are seeing is as real as it gets. In effect we do our hiding in plain sight where precious few take special notice of us outside of coming to the wrong conclusion.

The three men were polite and kind, allowing me to look and ask general questions about their uniforms, occasionally they used that word classified. Soon we shock hands once more and parted company. My guess is that locals considered them either part of the U.S. Army or some type of military drill team, which shows itself in parades. But given the tone of their speech and their military bearing, I knew better. Besides I had spent a career in the Armed Forces and knew soldiers when I saw them. These may not have been U.S. Army Soldiers, but they were definitely soldiers in somebody’s army. Back at the restaurant my wife had excused herself, so she could not bear witness, while here at the gas station, she remained in the car to far away to hear what was being discussed.

Given these men's professional military demeanor it became obvious to me that while their scarf colors would have meant yellow (cavalry), red (artillery) and sky blue (infantry) during the War for Confederate Independence. It was obvious to me, that these colors depicted officer, marines and army in today’s world. Further it was certain there was a much larger contingent of troops scattered about Georgia, for the other flag insignia, which was not visible to me in the restaurant, could now be seen as the real Georgia Flag. Then I thought to myself, what an absolutely brilliant tactic, the hiding of a Confederate Army in plain sight, and their mingled amongst so many military uniforms in the vicinity no one takes special notice. By the time I had finished paying for my gas, the three soldiers of the Confederate Army of Georgia had departed.

We never saw these soldiers again, but I have since pondered and kept what had happen in my heart, knowing that somewhere out there is the modern ruminants of the Confederate States Army. The actual name of this modern Confederate Army has never been reveled, thus the title 'Confederate Army of Georgia' is the only part of this story, which is factious. None-the-less this is an army which has arisen like the proverbial phoenix form the fire and ashes of war to exist directly under the noses of our occupation forces, unseen and unheard like a deadly viper quietly moving trough the night, awaiting the time to strike.

We Confederates have several advantages in our time! Those people have such overwhelming numbers and firepower in comparison to our having no means of self-defense. Therefore they have developed a natural and deep seeded confidence coupled with extreme arrogance. Such a story as reveled here would bring only scoffing in total disbelief and would be dismissed as only a whopper told by wild eyed right wing radicals. However in this case, unknown to them it is true!

God save the Confederacy
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