Conditional Sentences (Type I + II) Gap-fill exercise

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Conditional Sentences (Type I + II)

Gap-fill exercise

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1. If I had enough money, I (buy) a Ferrari.
2. If she studied harder, she (pass) the exam.
3. If you study hard, you (pass) the exam.
4. If we study a little every day, we (be able to) pass the exam next week.
5. If the weather is fine, we (go) swimming.
6. If John studies hard, he (get) a good mark.
7. If we go home in time, we (meet) Aunt Jane.
8. If I had more money, I (be) happier than now.
9. If I were President of the United States, I (not, start) another war.
10. If I have all the luck of the world, I (win) in the lottery.
11. I would be very pleased, if you (can) help me.
12. You will get very fat, if you (eat) so many hamburgers.
13. He would catch the train, if he (walk) faster.
14. She would be much healthier, if she (not, smoke) so much.
15. They will go skiing, if there (be) enough snow.
16. You will understand what I mean, if you (read) my e-mail more carefully.
17. She would not go to school, if she (be) ill.
18. We can take a taxi, if we (miss) the train.
19. The vase will break, if you (drop) it.
20. I would not do that, if I (be) you.

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