Concomitant symptoms in malarial fever a repertorial approach

Views of the Concept of Concomitant

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Views of the Concept of Concomitant
The concept of Concomitant varies from person to person, according to his own opinion. Some of the views of stalwarts are as follows:

Dr. Hering and Dr. Kent criticized Boenninghausen for to broad an application of the concept of Concomitant.

Dr. Jugal Kishore emphasized that Boenninghausen has generalized entire Concomitant and associated symptoms, and there exists no distinction between the peculiarities of the remedy.

Moreover Dr. Kent has badly criticized the concept of Concomitant of Boenninghausen but if we go through Dr. B. K. Sarkar’s book “Essential of Homoeopathic Philosophy” – He writes that Kent has substituted Concomitant with peculiar symptoms in his repertory.

Dr. H.A.Robert has used the word auxiliary symptoms in place of Concomitant symptoms. There may be a bit difference in word meaning but there is no difference in the concept of Concomitant which Boenninghausen has established.

He himself, while giving value to the Concomitant symptoms in Introduction to Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book writes, – “Concomitant symptom is to the totality what the condition of aggravation and amelioration is to the single symptom’.

All the other stalwarts in the field of homeopathy have described concomitant by their own way and wording but the concept of Concomitant has remained unchanged till today.(19)

Some Rubrics found in the BBCR:

Chapter: Heat and fever in General

Section: Mind

Rubric: Alternating moods


Fear of Death





Section: Head

Rubric: Congestion


Section: Eyes

Rubric: Pain in

Pupils dilated

Section: Face

Rubric: Burning sensation

Puffed, swelled

Section: Appetite

Rubric: Aversion to drinks

Desire for cold things

Desire for sour things

Rubric: Thirst at night


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