Concomitant symptoms in malarial fever a repertorial approach

Criteria For The Selection Of Concomitant Symptoms

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Criteria For The Selection Of Concomitant Symptoms
There are certain criteria which can be considered as the selection of the Concomitant symptoms, this means, it may occur in same patients either, with, before, during or after the main complaints / conditions i.e. —

1) Coexistence of a symptom with the main symptoms / disease / condition

2) A common sign or well-known accompaniment, can be taken as Concomitant if they occur in an extraordinary degree or in a singular manner i.e.

Fever with thirst is a common accompaniment, but fever with thirst for small quantity of water at frequent interval is extraordinary, hence become Concomitant

3) Common symptoms when occur in unusual combination i.e.

4) Two common symptoms become uncommon when they have definite relationship i.e.

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