Concomitant symptoms in malarial fever a repertorial approach

Identification Of Concomitant Symptoms

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Identification Of Concomitant Symptoms

Suppose headache and backache are two symptoms occurring simultaneously, in such conditions the concomitant can be identified from the following observation:

Duration: – Time of occurrence of both should be inquired. One may either proceed or follow the other.

Relation: - Is there any relation between headache and backache, which one affects the other? Whether headache is felt more when backache gets aggravated or vise-versa. There must be some time relation if one is the Concomitant. Both cannot be Concomitant to each other.

Troublesome: - We may ask the patient which complaint is most troublesome, to you? As it has been frequently observed that Concomitant symptoms are rarely troublesome because they are non-pathological, and represent the individualistic feature of a case.

Disappearance: - Concomitant symptoms are bound to disappear with the disappearance of the main symptoms. If one group of symptom is removed and other remained after administration of remedy it indicates that they are not Concomitant symptoms rather two different complaints which has no relationship to each other.(9)

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