Concomitant symptoms in malarial fever a repertorial approach

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Inclusion Criteria:

1. Cases from the age group of 15 – 50 yrs.

2. Patients irrespective of ethnic group, socio-economic status, occupation and sex will be considered.

3. All the patients with signs and symptoms of Malarial Fever with concomitant symptoms.

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Cases with severe pathological changes.

  2. Patients suffering from other chronic or acute diseases such as S.L.E., Renal failure, etc.

Result Criteria:


7.3 Does the study require any investigation or intervention to be conducted on patients or other humans or animals? If so, please describe briefly.

YES, Diagnoses will be done on symptoms and history of patient. As per the necessity of the case Routine Blood, Urine and Stool examination will be done.

7.4 Has ethical clearance been obtained from your institution in case of 7.3?

YES, Ethical Clearance has been obtained from the institution.


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