Concomitant symptoms in malarial fever a repertorial approach

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Homoeopathic Management:

We must be aware that fever is not a disease. Fever with its properties is a symptom. Suppressing the symptom does not mean to heal the patient and in doing so, no favour is done to him. He may feel relieved at first, but sooner or later he will perhaps experience the disease to produce even worse conditions than ever before.

Now we have a feverish patient in front of us. His main complaint is the raise of body temperature. Since we do not seek to erase the symptom only, we will try to grasp the whole condition our patient is in. Most probably we will be told of other displeasures that are felt by our patient. Frequently, we even may learn the probable cause of the illness and modalities apparent, what does ameliorate and what doesaggravate the complaints. Sometimes it is just a little hint, just a single word of the patient that guides us to the one and only best remedy.(19)

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