Concerns and Pros/cons of Booker t and DuBois How long do we have to wait for equality?

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Concerns and Pros/cons of Booker T and DuBois
How long do we have to wait for equality?
How is equality supposed to be naturally coming if the Supreme Court is making rulings such as Plessy where there is a “natural” difference.
How can AA be self-reliant if there is Lynching and many other forces (violence) working against advancement of blacks?
Tuskegee Institute - Build own factories, own industries and all aspects of industry is controlled and we can be self-reliant.
Industrial /economic vs Academic “professional” eduation – “liberal arts”

Blue collar White Collar

Goal=survivors goal= Leaders talented 10th

Dignify our labor dignify our capabilities
Booker fearful of what happens if AA still fight and fight. He’s an accomodationist. He believes in security over liberty.
DuBois – what does he advocate? Insist on civil rights – agitation through

legal avenues

Founds the NAACP – pg 434
Do we focus on individual security of person and economic status or advancement of the group?
DuBois believes in the talented 10th
What is ignited violence?
What is causing the unhappiness leading to lynching? And will demands that DuBois is asking for make things worse?
How can racist attitudes just fade out?
Whose advancement was the one that is needed?
If you give one inch on civil rights (like BTW) won’t it damage the overall progress?
If there is not a continuous strive advancement, slavery will return in a new form and is still is present?
You can’t have rights if you’re dead
Washington and DuBois want Integration through segregation
When have rights been gained without a fight, ever?
Image/inaction becomes embedded is society. Women as feminist: do you stand up and fight?

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