Conceptualizing transnational democratic networks: a case study of world wide views on biodiversity

The Case: World Wide Views on Biodiversity

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The Case: World Wide Views on Biodiversity

On September 15, 2012, World Wide Views on Biodiversity (WWVB) conducted the second global citizen deliberation event to occur worldwide.23 The launch of the project was orchestrated by the Danish Board of Technology Foundation (DBTF)4 and garnered support through transnational connections and networking. With 34 sites spanning across six continents, the event gathered approximately 3,000 citizens from around the world to advise biological diversity policies and recommendations during a global “Day of Deliberation.” Lay citizens were chosen to reflect the demographics within the hosting region. Citizens were considered upon age, gender, environmental organization affiliation, geographical zone of residency, education level, and occupation. With a goal to maintain at least 100 citizens for participation per region, the ideal was to have a representative demographic present at the Day of Deliberation. The global design was developed by the Danish Board of Technology and implemented through the same procedure in each host site. Deliberations were held in at tables of 5-8 citizens over the course of four sessions on topics around biodiversity issues and policies. Citizens voted on the four thematic sessions, of two to four questions each, with the option of a national or local session as a fifth. Anonymous votes were cast and uploaded to the World Wide Views on Biodiversity website live. As an organized transnational network, World Wide Views on Biodiversity collected and presented the results of the citizen deliberations at the United Nations Conference of Parties 11 (COP11) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Results appealed to COP 11 and World Wide Views (WWViews)5 increased support for biodiversity initiatives as representative of the global citizen voice.

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