Conceptualizing transnational democratic networks: a case study of world wide views on biodiversity

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Some actors identify as national institutes; Strong encouragement to use results to appeal to national policy; Regional sites by national identity

Contribution to reaching Aichi Biodiversity Target 1 of the CBD Strategic Plan

DBT as central to network; Sites join through snowballing outreach through partners


Citizen support for national policy on biodiversity conservation; One case used results for city planning; Some cases directly associated with national institutions

Official recognition from the CBD and supported to continue as an international project

Material and reports dispersed to policymakers, citizens, media; Results/Material used for side projects including youth outreach and research; Strong reliance on informative video and material


Structure provided uniformity and opportunity to influence national legislation; Consensus not enforced

Voting procedure by citizens; Quantitative, comparable results; Strict voting structure for presentation of representation

Deliberative (qualitative) conversations not recorded; Design of structure critiqued for lack of qualitative results


Desire for process and opinions to be reflected upon by citizens and policymakers within the political system

Citizens reflect on deliberation, order values, and vote

National results express differences in culture; Process understood to be ‘constantly reinvented’ and evolving

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