Computer and communications technology acceptable use policy

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The only public access computers are located in the Sitting Bull College Library, and are administered by the Information Technology Manager in consultation with the Librarian. Although the Library is open for reference and reading use by the general public, public access computers are prioritized for students of the College.


Sitting Bull College has computer labs at the Fort Yates, McLaughlin, and Mobridge sites. These labs are usually open during the regular college hours for that location. Students may use the computers in these labs provided the lab isn’t already reserved for classes or other uses. A valid user ID and password is required to use these computers. You must use your own user id, ID; using someone else’s user ID and/or letting other people use your user ID is a violation of this policy.

Students are forbidden from using any staff or faculty computer without prior permission from the Vice President of Academics.
Users of Sitting Bull College computers are prohibited from installing software or hardware or changing the configuration of any software or hardware on College computers. Unauthorized software is defined as ANY software that is not already on the particular computer. The Information Technology Manager is responsible for all software and hardware installation and changes for all College computers. Any unauthorized software may be immediately removed if found.

No one should deliberately attempt to degrade the performance of a computer system or to deprive authorized personnel of resources or access to any college computer system. Loopholes in computer security systems or knowledge of a special password should not be used to damage computer system, obtain extra resources, take resources from another user, gain access to systems or use systems for which proper authorization has not been given. Using proxy servers or other means to bypass restrictions or policies is strictly forbidden.

Network activity is logged and the logs may be periodically reviewed for possible policy violations. Lab computers are periodically monitored for policy violations.

Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the computer labs and near the Library computers. If you bring any food or drink into these areas you may be asked to leave. You will be responsible for the cost of any repairs or equipment replacement due to damage caused by spilled food or drink.

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