Comprehensive Governance Code

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Comprehensive Governance Code

Note: This code is practical and comprehensive. It can either be used on its own or to enhance the practical section of the Template.

Values and principles

  • I agree to abide by the organisation’s values and principles

  • I agree to act in accordance with our constitution, and agreed aims and policies

  • I agree to act in the best interests of the organisation and the beneficiaries

Decision making

  • I agree to taking and upholding collective decisions as a committee

  • I will support the principle of clear and transparent decision making except where confidentiality must be maintained


  • I will read papers and preparing for trustee meetings

  • I will attend at least 75% of meetings during the year, and I will send apologies in advance when possible

  • I will support the Chair in their role as meeting facilitator

  • I will participate in debates, but will accept a majority decision

  • I will express dissent where necessary, but avoid conflict if possible

Conflicts of interest

  • I will not accept any financial benefit as a committee member, other than that authorised by the constitution and properly agreed by the board

  • I will not exert any influence as a trustee to attempt to gain preferential treatment

  • I will declare conflicts of interest as soon as they come to my attention, and withdraw from the decision making process on that issue


  • I will maintain confidentiality and will not disclose any confidential information concerning any aspect of the committee/organisation, and I will seek clarification from the committee if I am unsure

Working relationships

  • I will maintain respectful relationships with my fellow committee members and with employees and/or volunteers

  • If I carry out another role as a volunteer I agree to keep the two roles separate


  • I will only speak on behalf of the committee/organisation when I have been authorised to do so

Good governance

  • When recruiting new committee members I will support a fair and open process in line with our constitution

  • I commit to reviewing the committee regularly

  • I will support the committee to comply with relevant legal and regulatory expectations and with our agreed policies and procedures


  • I will seek support when needed and offer support to other committee members when requested

  • I will participate in learning and development activities

  • I will make sure that adequate arrangements are made by the committee to supervise and support staff and/or volunteers

Leaving the board

  • I agree to resign from the committee if requested to do so by the rest of the committee following a serious breach of this code of conduct

  • If there is no clear term of office, then I will give notice in writing to the chair of my intention to leave

The committee’s obligations to me in turn

  • I will be sent regular financial reports and an update of activities

  • I will be given adequate notice of meeting, and receive agenda and papers in advance

  • The chair will ensure that the committee have opportunities to discuss goals, activities and plans

  • Other committee members, staff and/or volunteers will deal with me in a straightforward and respectful way

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