Completing Your Employee Review with Workday Employee Guide 2014/2015 Performance Review

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Completing Your Employee Review with Workday

Employee Guide

2014/2015 Performance Review
Welcome to the annual Performance Management Process.

As we did last year, we will be using Workday to complete the performance review.

As you know, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year, engage in discussions with your manager on your professional development and career goals and plan for next year.  We made significant changes to the staff review process last year, including the introduction of competencies, increased emphasis on professional development and excite, engage and empowering our employees.  This year, we have made slight changes to the tool and timeline based on feedback during our cycle last year.

Our objectives in implementing this process within Workday include:

  • Leveraging “new age” technology

  • Opportunities for increased feedback throughout the year

  • Elimination of paper and word files

  • Business process workflow for approvals

  • Enhanced reporting and visibility of employee performance and development needs

  • Increased visibility to goals linking to our 2020 plan

  • Limited mobile review capability

  • Additional future Performance Management/Talent features

This handout will walk you through the steps to complete your self-evaluation.

The Performance Evaluation in Workday has the follow sections:

Performance Goals

Job Responsibilities


Current Development Needs

Excite, Engage, Empower

Additional Comments

Overall Rating
There is a “hints” portion at the end of each section as well as at the end of this document that will assist you in completing the evaluation.

If you have any questions during the process please feel free to reach out to Human Resources & Organizational Development at 802-651-5800.

The system will launch a self-evaluation for all employees and send an e-mail with the below message:
The self-evaluation will appear as a task in your Workday inbox (top right of your homepage).

When you open your inbox, click on the Self Evaluation 2014/2015 task and choose the Go to Guided Editor button to complete your self-evaluation.

After you have launched the self-evaluation, you will see the different sections listed at the top.

Performance Goals:

These are the goals that were established at the beginning of the evaluation cycle, typically at the start of the fiscal year (July 2014). Both manager and employee should meet and agree on SMART goals, priorities, development needs, action plans and expected results.

Workday Instructions:

  • To start click on the Add button.  Please enter the below information for each goal you had established at the beginning of the year and any goal that was added throughout the year.

  • You can use the Pull In Goal feature to add any existing goals you have created. To do this click the Pull in Goal check-box and click on the prompt in the search box to select a goal (use the All Valid Goals for Selection option).

  • Goal - Name of goal

  • Description - Details of the goal using the SMART model (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound)

  • Category - Type of goal - Individual (goal specific to your job only), Departmental (goal specific to only your department), Institutional (goal specific to the entire organization)

  • Supports - Select a goal from the 2020 Strategic Plan which your goal supports (if applicable) - you will need to click Champlain College (Don Laackman), 07/01/2014 to 06/30/2015, and then one of the appropriate five goals.

  • Due Date - When the goal was or will be completed

  • Status - Completion status

  • Rating - How you feel you did or are doing on the goal

  • Comment - Please describe your contributions, results achieved, progress and other details to support your rating.

You will need to click "Add" at the top of the page to add another goal. 

Please include the priority of each goal in the description area. If the goal was unplanned please add as a new goal and identify this as unplanned in the description area.
The Summary will give you the average rating from this section only. This piece will be included to determine your default overall rating on the second to last section.
Please complete all sections indicated with a red arrow. You may also want to complete the comments section if additional information is needed.

Performance Goals continued on next page.

In the Supports box, you will need to select one of the 2020 Strategic Plan goals’ that your particular goal supports. To do this click Champlain College (Don Laackman), 07/01/2014 to 06/30/2015, and then select the appropriate strategic goal.


  • You should only use the “not applicable” as a status for a goal if the goal is not to be rated as part of this performance cycle.

  • The category field in the Performance Goals allows you to select multiple values. If there is only one that relates you can click off the small window for it to disappear.

  • If you have additional unplanned goals that occurred you will want to add those as an additional goal and indicate they were unplanned in the details area.

Job Responsibilities:

Please complete the Job Responsibilities portion. This can include your day to day job duties as well as small projects that were not considered goals. You may include any additional comments pertaining to your job responsibilities as well.

Workday Instructions:

  • Click the Add button and enter your job responsibilities and any additional comments necessary.

  • Job Responsibilities - Enter your job responsibilities and anything important not indicated in your Performance Goals.

  • Rating - How you feel you did throughout the year specific to your job responsibilities

  • Comment - Please describe your contributions, results achieved, progress and other details to support the view of your rating.


  • You should summarize job responsibilities in one section (do not use the Add button multiple times to add different responsibilities).

  • The Summary will give you the average rating from this section only. This piece will be included to determine your default overall rating on the second to last section.


Please complete comments (observations) on how well you have performed on each of the Champlain staff competencies.

There are seven total competencies please comment on ALL of them. Select the comment box under each competency to complete your observations.


  • Review this section to make sure you have comments in each competency before moving on.

Learning and Developmental Needs:

This section is specific to the learning and development of your job, department, and the institution. Development needs are competencies, skills or knowledge that is needed to improve the performance of your current position. These are individual to your needs.

Your Development items should automatically populate if you have already entered these in Workday. If not you can click on the Add Existing button to view them.

Consider what competency development may be needed to improve or enhance your performance in your current position.

Learning and Developmental Needs instructions continued on next page…

Workday Instructions:

  • Click the Add button to add a development item.

  • Development Item - Name of development item

  • Additional Information - Please include the below information: Competency, Skills, Knowledge or Performance Gap

Expected Outcomes

Suggested Training and/or Development Activity

Suggested Time Frames

Support Person

Make sure to click Done after each development item.

  • Status - Completion status

  • Relates To - Select a specific competency otherwise leave blank (this does not need to be completed)


  • Your current development needs should appear. You can tweak and edit these or add new ones.

  • You should only use the Relates To field on the Development Items section only if you are linking the item to a current competency.

  • Use the Add button to add a new item for each development item you have.

Excite, Engage, Empower:

To assist in meeting our 2020 strategic plan we ask all staff to comment on our Excite, Engage and Empower (E3) goal.

Workday Instructions:

Additional Performance Evaluation Comments:

Please enter any additional comments or information that you would like to include in your performance evaluation.

Workday Instructions:

  • Indicate your comments in the Answer section.


Your rating will default based upon how you ranked your professional goals. If you wish to change the overall rating you can do so by clicking on the rating, and then make the change. If you submit as is, it will take the calculated rating.

Workday Instructions:

  • Leave rating as is or click into the rating and change.


  • The Overall page will default based on the ratings of the Performance Goals and Job Responsibilities.

  • The system will give you an error if you leave the overall rating empty.



The summary page will allow you to view the completed self-evaluation before you submit it. You are able to change and go back as many time as needed before you submit. You are encouraged to print your self-evaluation if you would like to have a hard copy. To do this click on the print icon on the top right of the summary screen.

Workday Instructions:

  • Indicate your comments in the Answer section.

When you are complete your self-evaluation you will need to click the green submit button. You will not be able to make any changes after you submit.


  • You will only see the Save for Later button at the end but you can exit and it will save and resume where you left off.

  • After you submit you will not be able to change anything on your self-assessment. Please make sure you have completed each section as thoroughly as possible.

  • Print the review for your records before submitting.

Overall Process and Next Steps:

  1. Employee completes Self-Evaluation

  2. Manager approves Employee Self-Evaluation

  3. Manager completes Manager Evaluation on employee

  4. Manager’s manager approves Manager Evaluation

  5. Manager provides Manager Review Comments (releases Manager Evaluation to employee)

  6. Employee provides final Employee Review Comments (receipt of Manager Evaluation)

After the employee completes the Self-Evaluation it will be sent to their manager for approval. A task will appear in the manager Workday Inbox:

The manager will need to review and has the ability to approve if all looks good or send back to the employee with comment on what needs to be updated. If this happens you will need to update and resubmit the self-evaluation.

After the manager reviews and approves the Self-Evaluation another task (Complete Manager Evaluation) will be sent to the manager Workday Inbox. The manager will complete the Manager Evaluation.

After the Manager completes the Manager Evaluation it will be sent up one more management level for approval.

After approved by second level manager another task will be sent back to the manager (Provide manager Review Comments) for final comments and to release the manager review to the employee. After the manager completes this step it will send the final manager evaluation to the employee for final comments.

The final step will be for the employee to acknowledge provide final review comments.

Workday Instructions:

  • Click in the Employee Acknowledgment to the right of Employee Feedback

  • Click in status and enter the status of Evaluation Complete (employee receipt)

  • Enter any comments if needed

  • Click the green Submit button at the bottom

Overall Hints (additional tips to help complete your self-evaluation):

  • Older versions Internet Explorer will not display the comments section correctly. Please make sure you have the latest version or use Google Chrome or Firefox to be safe.

  • There are additional comment options at the end of some sections – these are intended for overall comments on the entire section.

  • You will need to click the grey square in certain fields to get the drop down menu.

  • Some fields are multivalued which means you can enter multiple selections.

  • Sometime when you click into a section you will need to scroll back down to see the white text box.

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