Compiled and Edited By C. Douglas Sterner

Alphabetical Index Of RECIPIENTS

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Alphabetical Index Of RECIPIENTS

Abrell, Charles Gene (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Adams, James F. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Adams, John Gregory Bishop (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Adams, John Mapes (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Adams, Lucian (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Adams, Stanley Taylor (USA) - MOH (Korean War)

Adams, William Edward (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Adkinson, Joseph B. (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Adriance, Harry Chapman (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Agerholm, Harold Christ (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Aheam, Michael (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Ahern, William (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Albanese, Lewis (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Albee, George Emerson (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Alber, Frederick (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Albert, Christian (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Alchesay, William (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Allen, Abner Peeler (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Allen, Edward G. (USN) - MOH (China Relief)

Allen, James (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Allen, Nathaniel M. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Allen, William (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Allex, Jake (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Allworth, Edward C. (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Ames, Adelbert (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Ammerman, Robert Wesley (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anders, Frank Lafayette (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Anderson, Beauford Theodore (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Anderson, Bruce (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Charles W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Edwin Alexander (USN) - MOH (Mexican Campaign)

Anderson, Everett W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Frederick Charles (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Anderson, James (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Anderson, Johannes Seigfried (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Anderson, Marion T. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Peter T. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Richard Allen (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Anderson, Richard Beatty (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Anderson, Robert N. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Anderson, Webster (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Anderson, William (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Andrews, John (USN) - MOH (Korea 1871)

Angling, John (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Antolak, Sylvester (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Antrim, Richard Nott (USN) - MOH (WWII), NC (WWII)

Apple, Andrew O. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Appleton, Edwin Nelson (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Appleton, William H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Archer, James W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Archer, Lester (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Archinal, William J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Armstrong, Clinton Lycurgus (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Arnold, Abraham Kerns (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Arther, Matthew (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Ashley, Eugene (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Asten, Charles (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Aston, Edgar R. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Atkins, Daniel (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Atkins, Thomas E. (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Atkinson, Thomas E. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Auer, John F. (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Austin, Oscar Palmer (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Austin, William Grafton (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Avery, James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Avery, William B. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Ayers, David (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Ayers, James F. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Ayers, John G. K. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Babcock, John Breckinridge (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Babcock, William J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Baca, John Philip (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bacon, Elijah William (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bacon, Nicky Daniel (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Badders, William (USN) - MOH (Squalus), NC (S-51 Salvage, 1926)

Badger, Oscar Charles (USN) - MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (WWI)

Baesel, Albert E. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWI)

Bailey, James E. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bailey, Kenneth Dillon (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Baird, Absalom (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Baird, George William (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Baker, Addison Earl (USAF) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Baker, Benjamin Franklin (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Baker, Charles (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Baker, Edward Lee (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Baker, John (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Baker, John Franklin (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Baker, Thomas Alexander (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Baker, Vernon J. (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Balch, John Henry (USN) - MOH (WWI), DSC (WWI)

Baldwin, Charles H. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Baldwin, Frank Dwight (USA) - MOH (Civil War), 2d MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Ballard, Donald Everett (USN) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Ballen, Frederick A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bancroft, Neil (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Banks, George Lovell (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barber, James Albert (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barber, William Earl (USMC) - MOH (Korean War)

Barfoot, Van Thomas (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Barger, Charles Denver (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Barkeley, David B. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWI)

Barker, Charles Heyward (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Barker, Jedh Colby (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Barker, Nathaniel C. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barkley, John Lewis (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Barnes, John Andrew (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Barnes, Will Croft (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Barnes, William Henry (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barnum, Harvey Curtiss "Barney" (USMC) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Barnum, Henry Alanson (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barnum, James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Barrell, Charles L. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barrett, Carlton William (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Barrett, Edward (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Barrett, Richard (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Barrick, Jesse T. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barringer, William H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Barrow, David Duffy (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Barry, Augustus (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bart, Frank J. (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Barter, Gurdon H. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Barton, Thomas (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Basilone, John (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII), NC (WWII)

Bass, David L. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Batchelder, Richard Napoleon (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bates, Delavan (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bates, Norman Francis (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bates, Richard (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Batson, Matthew Arlington (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Bauer, Harold William "Indian Joe" (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Baugh, William Bernard (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Bausell, Lewis Kenneth (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Baybutt, Philip (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bazar, Philip (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bearss, Hiram Iddings (USMC) - MOH (Philippines), DSC (WWI)

Beasley, Harry C. (USN) - MOH (Mexican Campaign)

Beatty, Alexander Mitchell (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beaty, Powhatan (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beaudoin, Raymond Ovila (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Beauford, Clay (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Beaufort, Jean J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beaumont, Eugene Beauharnais (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bebb, Edward James (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beckwith, Wallace A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beddows, Richard (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beebe, William Sully (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beech, John P. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Begley, Terrence (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Behne, Frederick (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Behnke, Heinrich (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Beikirch, Gary Burnell (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Belcher, Ted (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Belcher, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bell, Bernard Pious (USA) - MOH (WWII), DSC (WWII)

Bell, Dennis (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Bell, George H. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bell, Harry (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Bell, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bell, James Bennett (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bell, James F. (USA) - MOH (Philippines), DSC (Spanish-American)

Bellrichard, Leslie Allen (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Belpitt, William Henry (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Benavidez, Roy Perez (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bender, Stanley (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Benedict, George Greenville (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Benfold, Edward Clyde "Ted" (USN) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Benjamin, George (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Benjamin, John Francis (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Benjamin, Samuel Nicholl (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bennett, Edward Andrew (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bennett, Emory L. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Bennett, Floyd (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Bennett, James Harvey (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Bennett, Orrin (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bennett, Orson W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bennett, Steven Logan (USAF) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bennett, Thomas William (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bennion, Mervyn Sharp (USN) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Bensinger, William (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Benson, James (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Benyaurd, William Henry Harrison (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Berg, George Francis (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Bergendahl, Frederick (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Berkeley, Randolph C. (USMC) - MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (Nicaragua)

Berry, Charles Joseph (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Bertoldo, Vito R. (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bertram, Heinrich (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bessey, Charles Albert (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Betham, Asa (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Betts, Charles Malone (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Beyer, Albert (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Beyer, Arthur O. (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Beyer, Hillary (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bianchi, Willibald Charles (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Bibber, Charles James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bickford, Henry H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bickford, John F. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bickford, Matthew (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bickham, Charles Goodwin (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Biddle, Melvin Earl (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bieger, Charles (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Biegler, George Wesley (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Bigelow, Elmer Charles (USN) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Binder, Richard AKA: Richard Bigle (USMC) - MOH (Civil War)

Bingham, Henry Harrison (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Birdsall, Horatio L. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Birkhimer, William Edward (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Bishop, Charles Francis (USN) - MOH (Mexican Campaign)

Bishop, Daniel (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bishop, Francis A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bjorklund, Arnold L. (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bjorkman, Ernest H. (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Black, John Charles (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Black, William Perkins (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Blackmar, Wilmon Whilldin (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Blackwell, Robert Lester (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWI)

Blackwood, William Robert Douglas (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Blagheen, William (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Blair, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Blair, Robert M. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Blake, Robert (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Blanchfield, Michael Reinert (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Blanquet (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Blasdale, Thomas A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bleak, David Bruce (USA) - MOH (Korean War)

Bleckley, Erwin Russell (USAF) (KIA) - MOH (WWI)

Blickensderfer, Milton (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bliss, George Newman (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bliss, Zenas Randall (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bloch, Orville Emil (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Blodgett, Wells H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Blucher, Charles (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Blume, Robert (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Blunt, John W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bobo, John Paul (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Boehler, Otto A. (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Boehm, Peter Martin (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Boers, Edward William (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Bois, Frank (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bolden, Paul Luther (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bolton, Cecil Hamilton (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bond, William S. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bondsteel, James Leroy (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bonebrake, Henry G. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bong, Richard Ira (USAF) - MOH (WWII), DSC (WWII)

Bonnaffon, Sylvester (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bonney, Robert Earl (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Bonnyman, Alexander "Sandy" (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Boody, Robert M. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Booker, Robert D. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Boon, Hugh Patterson (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Boone, Joel Thompson (USN) - MOH (WWI), DSC (WWI)

Bordelon, William James (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Boss, Orlando Phidelio (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bouquet, Nicholas S. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bourke, John Gregory (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bourne, Thomas (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Boury, Richard (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Boutwell, John W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bowden, Samuel (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bowen, Chester Bennett (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bowen, Elmer (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bowen, Hammett Lee (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bowman, Alonzo (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bowman, Edward R. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Box, Thomas J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Boyce, George W. G. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Boydston, Erwin Jay (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Boyington, Gregory "Pappy" (USMC) - MOH (WWII), NC (WWII)

Boyne, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Boynton, Henry Van Ness (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bradbury, Sanford (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bradley, Alexander (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Bradley, Amos (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bradley, Charles (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bradley, George (USN) - MOH (Mexican Campaign)

Bradley, Thomas Wilson (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bradley, Willis Winter (USN) - MOH (WWI)

Brady, George F. (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Brady, James (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brady, Patrick Henry (USA) - MOH (Vietnam), DSC (Vietnam)

Branagan, Edward (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brandle, Joseph E. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brannigan, Felix (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brant, Abram B. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brant, William (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bras, Edgar A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bratling, Frank (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brazell, John (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Breault, Henry (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Breeman, George (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Breen, John (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brennan, Christopher (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bresnahan, Patrick Francis (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Brest, Lewis Francis (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brett, Lloyd Milton (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brewer, William John (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brewster, Andre Walker (USA) - MOH (China Relief)

Breyer, Charles (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Briggs, Elijah A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bright, George Washington (USN) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Briles, Herschel Floyd "Pete" (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Bringle, Andrew (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brinn, Andrew (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Britt, Maurice Lee "Footsie" (USA) - MOH (WWII), DSC (WWII)

Brittin, Nelson Vogel (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Brock, George F. (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Brogan, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bronner, August Frederick (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bronson, Deming (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Bronson, James H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brookin, Oscar (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Brophy, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brosnan, John (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brostrom, Leonard C. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Brouse, Charles W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Benjamin (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brown, Bobbie Evan (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Brown, Charles (USMC) - MOH (Korea 1871)

Brown, Charles E. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Edward (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Henry Le Fevre (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, James (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brown, James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Jeremiah Z. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, John (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Brown, John AKA Thomas Hayes (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, John H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, John Harties (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Lorenzo Dow (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Brown, Melvin Louis (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Brown, Morris (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Robert (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Robert Burns (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Uriah H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, William H. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Wilson (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Brown, Wilson W. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brownell, Francis Edwin (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brownell, William P. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bruce, Daniel Dean (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bruner, Louis J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brush, George Washington (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bruton, Christopher C. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Brutsche, Henry (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bryan, William C. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Bryant, Andrew Symmes (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bryant, William Maud (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bucha, Paul William (USA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Buchanan, Allen (USN) - MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (WWI)

Buchanan, David M. (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Buchanan, George A. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buck, Frederick Clarence (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buck, James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Buckingham, David Eastburn (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buckles, Abram J. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buckley, Denis (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buckley, Howard Major (USMC) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Buckley, John C. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Bucklyn, John Knight (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buffington, John Ezra (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buffum, Robert (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buhrman, Henry G. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Buker, Brian Leroy (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Bulkeley, John D. (USN) - MOH (WWII), NC (WWII) 2DSCs (WWII)

Bumgarner, William (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burbank, James H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burger, Joseph (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burk, E. Michael (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burk, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burkard, Oscar R. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Burke, Daniel Webster (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burke, Francis Xavier (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Burke, Lloyd Leslie "Scooter" (USA) - MOH (Korea), DSC (Korea)

Burke, Patrick J. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Burke, Richard (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Burke, Robert Charles (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Burke, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burke, Thomas (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Burnes, James (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Burnett, George Ritter (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Burns, James Madison (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burns, John M. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Burr, Elmer J. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Burr, Herbert Hoover (USA) - MOH WWII), DSC :(WWII)

Burris, Tony K. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)

Burritt, William Wallace (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Burt, James Montross (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Burton, Albert (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Bush, Richard Earl (USMC) - MOH (WWII)

Bush, Robert Eugene (USN) - MOH (WWII)

Butler, Edmond Thomas (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Butler, Smedley Darlington (USMC) - MOH (Vera Cruz), MOH (Haiti - 1915), USMC Brevet Medal (China)

Butterfield, Daniel Adams (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Butterfield, Franklin George (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Button, William Robert (USMC) - MOH (2nd Haitian Campaign)

Butts, George (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Butts, John Edward (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Buzzard, Ulysses G. (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Byrd, Richard E. (USN) - MOH (Polar Expedition), NC (Byrd Expedition)

Byrne, Bernard Abert (USA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)

Byrne, Denis (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Byrnes, James (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Cable, Joseph A. (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Caddy, William Robert (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Cadwallader, Abel G. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Cadwell, Luman Lewis (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Cafferata, Hector Albert (USMC) - MOH (Korean War)

Cahey, Thomas (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Caldwell, Daniel G. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Calkin, Ivers S. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Call, Donald Marshall (USA) - MOH (WWI)

Callaghan, Daniel Judson (USN) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Callahan, John H. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Callen, Thomas Joseph (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Calugas, Jose (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Calvert, James Spencer (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Camp, Carlton N. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Campbell, Albert Ralph (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Campbell, Daniel J. (USMC) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Campbell, James A. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Campbell, William (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Campbell, William (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Canfield, Heth (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Cann, Tedford Harris (USN) - MOH (WWI)

Cannon, George Hamm (USMC) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Cantrell, Charles P. (USA) - MOH (Spanish-American War)

Capehart, Charles E. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Capehart, Henry (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Capodanno, Vincent Robert (USN) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Capron, Horace (USA) (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carey, Alvin P. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Carey, Charles F. (USA) (KIA) - MOH (WWII)

Carey, Hugh (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carey, James (USN) - MOH (Peace Time Awards)

Carey, James Lemuel (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carlisle, Casper R. (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carman, Warren (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carmin, Isaac Harrison (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carney, William Harvey (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Caron, Wayne Maurice (USN) (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)

Carpenter, Louis Henry (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Carr, Chris (USA) - MOH (WWII)

Carr, Eugene Asa (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carr, Franklin (USA) - MOH (Civil War)

Carr, John (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

Carr, William Louis (USMC) - MOH (China Relief)

Carr, William M. (USN) - MOH (Civil War)

Carroll, Thomas (USA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)

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