Comparison and Contrast Essay Task

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J. Isbell English 1A Spring 1999

Comparison and Contrast Essay
Task: In a paper of 3-5 pages, develop a comparison/contrast analysis. Compare Truman Capote’s novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the film of the same name. Choose one text and analyze it closely by using comparison and/or contrast.
In the first part of your paper, you will need to define what you are comparing and/or contrasting. For example, you might choose to analyze the narrator in each of the texts or how the two texts have very different endings. In what other ways are the texts different? How are they the same? What is important or interesting about each of them?

Background: Review The Sundance Writer pages 371-409, chapter twenty, for suggestions on developing a comparison and contrast essay.
Rough Draft: due in class on November 9

Final Draft: due in class on November 16
When brainstorming, look at both what the two texts have in common. with the characters and/or narrator, as well as what you find different.
• Who is the audience of each of these works? Why might this be significant?
• Why are the texts so different? What does Edwards accomplish by making his film in the manner he has chosen?

Download 3.73 Kb.

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