Compare Homer & Hesiod's works with that of the early Greek philosophers

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Compare Homer & Hesiod's works with that of the early Greek philosophers (Presocratics):
Homer & Hesiod's focus was primarily on Gods. The actions of people, events that happened, catastrophies were primarily the works of gods. Whereas the Presocratics moved away from using Gods for explanations to relying more on scientific evidence and exploring. For example, Hippocrates believed that the human body contained four fluids and that imbalances in these fluids were what caused disease. Using this example Homer and Hesiod would have said that a person with a disease had done something that displeased the Gods.
Summarize "The Classical Ideal" video clip in 3 to 4 sentences:
We think of Greece today as a place of myth and fantasy back in the ancient times. Greek art and sculpture is fantasized and idealized by modern artists and museums. Much of our artwork and sculpture today is based upon that to Greek architecture and sculpture. Today we are trying to re-create actual models of the ancient Greek sculptures and are striving to understand what the relevance of this artwork was when placed in its historical context.
The modern world often recreates Greek art and literature. Because we draw upon their ideas, we tend to think that this is what they intended when they created things/ideas, but of course they had no idea what the modern world is like. Early Greeks created art emphasizing peace [harmony] and structure as well as creating democracy. However, their world also involved slavery, discrimination, murder and war.
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