Comparative Criticism– Homework – art history – Jean Thobaben Homework 10 Name: Enter Name

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Comparative Criticism– Homework – ART HISTORY – Jean Thobaben

Homework 10 Name: Enter Name Click here to enter a date.



Artwork: Jamb Sculptures- Chartres Cathedral
West Front-Royal Portal

Artwork: Jamb Sculptures- Chartres Cathedral South Transept Portal

Artist: Unknown sculptors Date: Location: Site, museum, publication, etc

Data: Dimensions, materials, size, etc.

What are jamb statues?

Chartes Project: (Explore this website)

Part One - Briefly describe both examples

In this first section use your eyes and write about what you see using the descriptive language mentioned above.

Part Two – Compare and Contrast:

Using the elements and principles of art as your basic vocabulary, explain how the artist has manipulated the elements to create a desired effect.

Part Three - Interpretation: (Integrate historical information and knowledge)

What was the artist’s purpose in creating this artwork? How did the artist manipulate materials and technique to that end?

Part Four–Evaluation/ Judgment: Do the works share similar or different effects?

Is the artwork successful? Was the artist effective at creating the desired effects? How is the artwork an example of the art and culture of a particular time period?

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