Comparative Colonialism

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Comparative Colonialism

When reading Things Fall Apart, the impact that British colonialism had on the Igbo people becomes apparent through the actions of Okonkwo and the Umuofia people. This is reminiscent of the impact of the American colonists invasion of Native American land and their attempt to exterminate native people.

You will be engaging on a comparative study of the psychological impact of colonialism on the Igbo and Native American people. You will gain and understanding of British and American colonialism by searching the digital databases: U.S. History in Context (search terms- - Native American Policy & Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears) and World History in Context (search terms- - African History during the Colonial Period).
Your comparison will be presented in an essay that will be 5-7 pages in length and uses the psychological perspective, which will be explained below. You will compare the psychological impact of colonialism on the Igbo and Native American people. You will incorporate textual examples from Things Fall Apart and how Okonkwo is psychologically affected by colonialism.
OPTION: You also have the option of reading Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie, a serial murderer terrorizing Seattle, hunting and scalping white men. The crimes of the so-called 'Indian Killer' triggers a wave of violence and racial hatred. Seattle's Native Americans are shaken and confused. John Smith, born Indian and raised by whites, desperately yearns for his lost heritage and seeks his elusive true identity. He meets Marie, an Indian activist outraged by people like Jack Wilson, the mystery writer who passes himself as part Indian. As a bigoted radio personality incites whites to seek revenge, tensions mount and Smith fights to slake the anger that engulfs him.
Rubric for the Comparative Essay

Elements of Your Comparative Essay

Points to be Earned

Research into Colonialism

  • Igbo

  • Native American


Evidence of Psychological Perspective

  • Focus on characters have psychological issues

  • Attempts to understand human nature, individual characters, and symbolic meaning


Evidence from the text

  • Discusses the psychological impact on Okonkwo and others of his tribe from colonialism

  • Evidence of British Colonialism

  • OPTION: Discusses the removal of culture in Indian Killer

  • OPTION: Evidence of American colonialism


Elements of Strong Writing

  • Introduction

  • Thesis

  • Body Paragraphs that feature integrated quotes and evidence from the text

  • Conclusion

  • Correct grammar usage




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