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Model Power of Attorney ('PoA')

This model PoA contains the basic information which should be included for notification purposes. It may be adapted to the specific circumstances of the case.
Power of Attorney - Case M. [XXXX] - [Case name]

[COMPANY NAME], [COMPANY ADDRESS] duly represented by [NAME AND FUNCTION OF PERSON OF THE COMPANY AUTHORIZED TO SIGN THE PoA] hereby confers full power of attorney on [LAWYER'S NAME], established at [LAWYER'S ADDRESS] for the purpose of acting in the name of [COMPANY NAME], and on its behalf for the purpose of carrying out all acts related to the notification, in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) 139/2004 on the control of concentrations between undertakings, of the proposed [DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPOSED TRANSACTION] (the "Proposed Transaction"). This power of attorney shall comprise the authority to make all necessary or useful submissions to the European Commission in order for the Proposed Transaction to be declared compatible with the internal market, including but not limited to replying to requests for information, submitting comments to objections raised by the European Commission, and offering commitments with a view to rendering the Proposed Transaction compatible with the internal market.[please modify/delete as appropriate in case the Notifying Party does not wish the power of attorney to extend to any particular procedural act].
[The Notifying Party should also include the following wording to ensure that the Commission's Decisions and any Statement of Objections regarding the notified transaction may be directly notified to the authorised external representative of the Notifying Party:
[COMPANY NAME], hereby also confers full power to [LAWYER'S NAME], established at [LAWYER'S ADDRESS], to receive on its behalf notification of the confidential version of the European Commission’s decisions and any statement of objections under Council Regulation (EC) 139/2004 in the case M.[XXXX] - [Case name], pursuant to Article 297 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and to provide a copy of such decisions and statement of objections redacted as appropriate to [COMPANY NAME], thus having waived its right to receive such notification.]
Signed the [DATE] in [PLACE]



duly authorized to sign on behalf of [COMPANY NAME]

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