Company: Delta Air Lines, Inc

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Company: Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Ticker: DAL Current Price: $43.94

Sector: Industrials

Sub Industry: Airlines

Target Price: $66.00

Stop Loss: $35,15

52 Week High/ Low: $52.77 / $34.61

TTM P/E: 10.99

Forward P/E (2016E): 6.37

TTM EPS: 6.86

Beta: 1.13

Credit Rating: Ba2 (LT Moody’s)

Rating Outlook: Positive

Market Cap: $34.46B

Avg. Vol (30 Day): 7,487,317

Dividend Yield: 1.03%

Company Background:

Delta Air Lines (DAL) became the largest passenger airline in the world following its 2008 merger with Northwest Airlines, but was bumped to number two by the October 2010 merger of UAL Corp. and Continental Airlines and to number three by the merger of American with US Air in 2013. On October 29, 2008, Delta completed a merger with Northwest in a transaction whereby each NWA share was exchanged for 1.25 DAL shares. The combined operation kept the Delta name and started with about $32 billion in annual revenues, which rose to $41 billion by the end of 2015. As of January 19, 2016, Delta served 328 destinations worldwide in 57 countries. Hubs are in Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York (JFK) and Salt Lake City. Revenues in North America accounted for 67% of the 2013 total, Transatlantic 17%, Latin America 6% and Pacific 10%.

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