Community Service Network 6 Meeting DoubleTree Hotel, Portland, Maine

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Community Service Network 6 Meeting

DoubleTree Hotel, Portland, Maine

April 20, 2007

Approved Minutes

Members Present:

  • David Bouthilette, AIN

  • Peter Driscoll, Amistad

  • Sally Temm, Catholic Charities

  • Laura Gottfried, Community Counseling Center

  • Lois Jones, CSI

  • Phoebe Prosky, Freeport Counseling

  • Glenn Shelton, Goodwill Industries

  • Michelle Belhumeur, Gorham House

  • Dan Jackson, Hawthorne House

  • Joe Everett, Ingraham

  • Burma Wilkins, Mercy Hospital

  • Lois Skillings, Mid Coast Hospital

  • Christine McKenzie, MMC Voc Services

  • Tracie Morgan, NAMI-ME Families

  • Jennifer Tingley Prince, NOE

  • Susan Boisvert, Parkview Adventist Medical Center

  • Dana Manel, Possibilities Counseling

  • Jon Bradley, Preble Street

  • Jamie Morrill, Riverview Psychiatric Center

  • Joe Brannigan, Shalom House Inc

  • Amy Thomas, Smart Child & Family Services

  • Mary Jane Krebs, Spring Harbor

  • Kathleen Bender, Spurwink/Portland Help Center

  • Roger Wentworth, Sweetser

  • Christine Holler, Transition Planning Group

  • Karen Evans, Transition Planning Group

  • Margaret Steward, Transitions Counseling

  • Nancy Ives, VOA

Members Absent:

  • Healthy Perspectives

  • New England Rehab Hospital of Portland

  • PSL-Services

  • Sweetser Peer Center

  • Regional Transportation Program, Inc.

  • Work Opportunities Unlimited

  • Youth Alternatives

Others present:

  • Tom Lusth, Sweetser

  • Cindy Fagan, Sweetser

Staff present: DHHS/OAMHS: Marya Faust, Don Chamberlain, Chris Robinson, Carlton Lewis. Muskie School: Elaine Ecker.

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