Community Oral Health Service

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Oral Health Service

Facility Guideline

Citation: Ministry of Health. 2006. Community Oral Health Service: Facility Guideline. Wellington: Ministry of Health.

Published in August 2006 by the

Ministry of Health
PO Box 5013, Wellington, New Zealand

ISBN 0-478-30037-5 (Book)

ISBN 0-478-30040-9 (Internet)
HP 4292

This document is available on the Ministry of Health’s website:


This document reflects advice made to the Ministry from a variety of individuals and organisations. The Ministry would like to acknowledge in particular the input from the following individuals and businesses in the development of this document.

Margaret Binnie, Research Fellow, The Center for Health Assets, Australasia

Bob Buskin, Director, Rider Hunt, Auckland

Darryl Carey, Architect, Chow Hill, Auckland

Atish Jogia, Quantity Surveyor, Rider Hunt, Auckland

Stuart Smith, Technical Director, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Limited, Auckland

Garth Whittaker, Director, Ncounter, Auckland

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